The Induction Principle: Why Miele Induction?

By generating a magnetic field that turns your cookware into a heating element, Miele's highly efficient induction cooktops heat foods twice as fast as cooking with gas, all while conserving energy. The result is an exceedingly safe, energy-efficient way to cook – one that provides you with even greater control in the kitchen. Induction cooking is a technology like no other! It's all about precision, power and efficiency.

Miele Induction Cooktop

The Miele Induction Cooktop is designed to prepare quick, casual dinners and elaborate, gourmet meals alike. Cooking with Miele‘s Direct Selection/Direct Selection Plus operation on the Cooktop offers convenience and effortless results.

It provides an exciting culinary journey with its easy to clean ceramic glass, power, precision, flexibility, safety, and efficiency.

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Whether cooking with one pot, two pots or a casserole dish, the flexibility of this unique feature allows for even, powerful heat throughout the cooking process. Allowing you to combine two cooking zones into one, the PowerFlex zone is perfect for large items and helpful when extra power is required.

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Con@ctivity 2.0

Con@ctivity 2.0 enables induction cooktops and ventilation hoods to communicate with each other, ensuring the hood operates at the optimum setting based on your cooking environment.

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Stop & Go

Automatically reduces the power level to the lowest setting for all active zones. Allowing you to temporarily leave your cooktop unattended.

Keep Warm Function

Food kept at serving temperature: this function controls the temperature in the pan base and prevents food from burning.

Perfect Hood for Your Induction Cooktop

When purchasing an induction cooktop, Miele recommends the installation of a Miele hand-crafted ventilation hood.

Miele offers a variety of ventilation hood designs, giving you options for your kitchen in terms of style and function. It is important to consider the width of your hood when pairing with an induction cooktop, as the cooktop and hood are the focal points of every kitchen.

Select Miele hoods also offer Con@ctivity 2.0, ensuring your hood communicates properly with your induction cooktop, making cooking effortless!

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Induction Appliances

With Miele, versatility is key. For this reason, we offer the latest induction technology in a variety of our cooking appliances cooktops, CombiSets and our range. Learn more about our assortment of products and how cooking with induction provides greater control in the kitchen!

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Induction CombiSet

A modular design that lets you pick and choose which surfaces to cook with whether it’s electric or gas, or even glass or steel.

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Induction Cooktops

A distinctive, non-contact method of heating using magnetic fields to transfer energy directly to cookware. The induction element stays cool, while the target object heats rapidly for extremely efficient heating.

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Induction Range

A purposeful appliance that provides you with greater control in the kitchen. The key features include state-of-the-art technology of cooking zones and cooking modes.

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Your Adventure Awaits.

Discover how Miele can create special moments…everyday – offering versatile design which stands the test of time, functionality that simplifies everyday tasks and quality that will endure for decades.

Learn more about Miele’s Induction products available to you by contacting Miele at 800.843.7231, visiting a Miele Experience Center or locating an authorized Miele dealer closest to you.

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