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Your benefits for choosing Miele:
•  Optimal performance: Miele original replacement parts are precisely tailored to your appliance, guaranteeing optimal performance.
•  Miele quality standard: We apply the same quality standards to our spare parts and accessories as we apply to our appliances.
•  Availability: Our spare parts remain available for at least 15 years following the discontinuation of the series' production.

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Find original Miele accessories to complement your Miele appliances

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Seamless compatibility and guaranteed quality – effortlessly enhance your appliances' functionality with official Miele accessories. 

Safety note:

Repair work may only be carried out by a qualified technician in accordance with all local safety regulations. For safety and property damage concerns, Miele highly recommends that you do not attempt to repair Miele products yourself or use a non-authorized service provider; Miele will have no responsibility or liability for repairs or work performed by a non-authorized service provider. Please review MIELE’S LIMITED WARRANTY FOR DOMESTIC APPLIANCES.

For the repair, modification, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment, the relevant legal principles, accident prevention measures and the applicable standards must be observed. Before maintenance and repair work is carried out on the unit, it must be safely disconnected from all live cables.

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