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Coffee machine accessories



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Milk container Glass
Milk container made of glass
for smooth and creamy milk froth
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    In stock
    Glass jug
    Glass jug
    For Cappuccinatore CVC.
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      In stock
      CJ Jug 1,0l
      TopTherm Coffee Pot
      for Miele CVA and CM coffee machines with coffee pot function.
        In stock
        In stock
        MB-CVA 6000
        Milk container made of glass
        Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino whenever you want!
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            Searching for Coffee Machine Accessories?


            Miele coffee machines and Miele coffee combine for a superior coffee experience. Miele coffee machine accessories keep your machine performing like new and can even further enhance your brewing experience.

            What Miele Coffee Machine Accessories are Available?


            Here are a few of the accessories specially made for your Miele coffee machine: 
            • The TopTherm coffee pot is convenient for entertaining guests with an easy to brew and serve process. 
            • For countertop models, the glass milk container lets you create the perfect cappuccino, latte, or macchiato (comes standard with all CM 6360 and CM 7750 machines).
            • Miele coffee-maker cleaning products ensure the long life and consistent brewing of your Miele coffee machine - cleaning tablets, descaling tablets, silicone grease, and milk pipework cleaners - all designed specifically by and for Miele.

            Plus, you can protect your Miele coffee maker with an extended warranty, providing peace of mind that you’ll enjoy perfect coffee day after day, year after year.

            Discover More About Miele Coffee and Coffee Makers:


            Miele offers a variety of coffee makers and accessories to ensure your Miele coffee experience is perfect. Click for more details:


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