How to find the right vacuum cleaner

Looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner but don’t know where to start? Use our buying guide to find the right appliance that matches your specific needs and wishes, by simply running through a few questions.


By answering a few questions about your vacuuming and cleaning needs, our buying guide will know which vacuum cleaner is best suited for your specific needs.

• Which vacuum cleaner is a match with your household? We have a variety of vacuum cleaners ready to face any cleaning challenge. From hard floors and hard to reach places, to all kinds of pet hair, such as cat and dog hair.

• Which vacuum cleaner model is best for you? Would you like a robot vacuum cleaner to do the work for you automatically, a cordless vacuum to easily carry around the house, or a bagless model for quick and hygienic emptying?

• Which features and specs are important for you? Our vacuum cleaners come with a wide range of options and filters. Is battery life most important to you, do you have allergies and value having a HEPA filter, or simply want maximum suction power?


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