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Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags and Filters

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ST HEPA-filter SF-H10 USA
AirClean Plus filter
Retains even the smallest particles to which people w. allergies are sensitive.
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    Searching for Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags and Filters?


    In true Immer Besser (‘Forever Better’) fashion, nothing cleans your floors like a Miele vacuum cleaner. To keep your hardwoods gleaming and your rugs and carpets like new, make sure your vacuum cleaner is operating at peak performance with our dustbags (or FilterBags) and filters.

    What Features and Benefits Make Miele Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags (or FilterBags) and Filters So Unique?


    Here’s how Miele vacuum cleaner dustbags and filters keep your floors — and air — cleaner:

    • Breathe deeply thanks to the Miele AirClean filter system, which filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles.
    • Our Active AirClean filter with activated charcoal neutralizes odors in your home.
    • HEPA AirClean filters get rid of fine dust and allergens, ideal for those with allergies.
    • Never forget to change the filter thanks to the TimeStrip indicator available on some filters.
    • Never fear of dust in the air our dustbag features ensure the dust is locked in place and does not escape when changing your dustbag out for a new one. 

    Discover More About Miele Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags (or FilterBags) and Filters:


    Miele offers a range of filters and dustbags, as well as multipacks with enough dustbags and filters to last several months. For other vacuum accessories, click here:
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