The Only Range Sophisticated Enough To Be A Miele.

Range Series

The Range With Impeccable Taste.

We weren't driven to create a revolutionary Range; rather we were driven to create a revolutionary Range Series – offering you complete product depth and breadth. Choose from different sizes and power configurations or opt for the flexibility of a Rangetop. All complemented by a custom Miele Range Hood or Insert Hood.

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Balance requires flawless symmetry... in form, function and fit. Miele's Range Series is a natural extension of our Generation 6000 built-in appliances. Aligning perfectly in terms of design, functionality and user interface.


It's Not A Range.
It's A Miele.

The Range is available in different sizes (30", 36" or 48") and power configurations (Dual Fuel, All Gas, Electric and Induction), to meet the needs of every customer.
Featuring a unique 3-door concept, Miele's 48" Range includes a fully functional M Touch Speed Oven, M Touch Convection Oven and a Push-to-Open Warming Drawer.

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Inspired in both design and performance, the Miele Range is the culmination of our over 100 years of expertise, offering intuitive controls, extraordinary automation and harmonious design.

Unique Features of Miele's Ranges

M Touch Controls with ComfortLift Panel & Backlit Precision Knobs

Achieving results fast with an innovative touch display: Miele's new M Touch controls are both easy-to-operate and navigate. An intuitive swipe of the screen will quickly lead you to your desired selection. Also featured in our M Touch Ranges, Miele has designed a touch activated control panel that lifts with the touch of a button to provide optimum comfort and ease. Setting Miele apart, backlit knobs provide an elegant design and visual cue for a burner-in-use.

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ComfortSwivel Handle

An ergonomic feature, the swiveling handle moves easily with your wrist and body to comfortably open and close the door.

M Pro Dual Stacked Burners featuring TrueSimmer Function

Ensuring flexibility and perfect results, Miele's sealed burner system offers precise control, no matter the choice of recipe. Featuring the TrueSimmer function, melting chocolate or thickening a sauce has never been easier and more precise. And when it comes to adaptability, Miele's continuous-design cast iron grates allow for the effortless movement of pots and pans from one burner to the next.

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Moisture Plus

Increasing the humidity in the Range optimizes the cooking of a variety of foods: soft bread with a shiny, appetizing crust; dinner rolls and croissants as if from the local baker; succulent, tender meat with a nicely browned crust, perfect casseroles, delicious pastries and so much more. Found in the Gourmet Center, MasterChef and MasterChef Plus automatic programs guide you to the correct operating mode, temperature, time and integration of Moisture plus to create the perfect dish.

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Now, Your Rangetop Has No Limits.

Ensuring flexibility and professional results, Miele Rangetops offer exceptional control, performance and convenience. Rangetops are available in different sizes (30", 36" or 48") and models featuring the M Pro grill and M Pro infrared griddle.

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Sophistication demands both nuance and control – a balance of strength and subtlety. Recognizing this need for flexibility, Miele delivers powerful, even heat... at a level of control you can trust.

Unique Features of Miele's Rangetops

Backlit Precision Knobs

This elegant design feature is not only a useful visual cue for a burner-in-use, but also a design element that sets Miele apart. Also a safety feature, the knobs allow you to see if the burner has been turned off when you are done cooking.

M Pro Grill

Grilling has never been easier indoors; from steaks, vegetables and seafood, achieve perfect, even results with Miele's powerful M Pro grill option.

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M Pro Infrared Griddle

Whether cooking french toast, eggs, pancakes, or searing meats and fish; the results are cooked to perfection with Miele's precise M Pro infrared griddle option.

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ComfortClean Dishwasher-Safe Grates

When it's time for clean-up, simply place the dishwasher-safe grates in your dishwasher.

Range Hoods

The Only Thing More Powerful Is Your Imagination.

Offering the best solution for your kitchen in terms of style and function, Miele’s full suite of coordinating Range Wall Hoods and Insert Hoods ensure consistent, professional results featuring perfect workmanship. Range Hoods are available in 30", 36" or 48" configurations.

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It is recommended to install Miele's Range Hoods with Baffle filtration in combination of Miele's Dual Fuel and All Gas Ranges or Rangetops, considering the high BTU output from the Gas Cooktop.

Unique Features of Miele's Range Hoods

Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Miele’s high-quality stainless steel Baffle filters are extremely efficient in extracting steam and odors and capturing grease, all while handling the high power of the Blower. These Baffle filters are also very easy to maintain as they are dishwasher-safe and spring back into place.

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LED ClearView Lighting

Specially developed for select Miele Range Hoods, LED lighting shines a more natural light to highlight the pure color and texture of your food, but also saves energy. This long lasting LED lighting is tested for up to 20 years average usage.

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Miele CleanCover

Miele's unique CleanCover, a smooth liner inside the canopy, prevents exposure to live components, cables and sharp edges.

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Handcrafted in Germany

Know-how and craftsmanship: our entire expert knowledge is poured into each and every Range hood, from development to the finished product.

Range Dishwasher Kit

Expand Your Range.

Enjoy ultimate convenience and a dishwasher panel designed to harmonize perfectly with the rest of your Miele appliances. The Range Panel accessory has an easy-to-clean, Clean Touch Steel™ front panel, ComfortSwivel handle, and the matching Miele badge – all the design elements to match your Miele Range. The dishwasher enhances your kitchen in terms of functionality and the design completes the overall look of your space. The Range dishwasher panel fits all full-size, fully-integrated dishwashers from Miele's G 6000 dishwasher series – allowing you to pick your model as you see fit.

Inspired Cuisine,
By Design.

Miele Ranges are proud to be backed the Good Housekeeping Seal. Products aren’t awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal – they earn it. When a product has the Seal it has been thoroughly evaluated by the scientists, engineers and technicians at the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI). Founded in 1909, GHI has the distinction of being the oldest consumer product-testing lab of its size in America. Its stringent clearance standards set the benchmark for product integrity. The Seal itself symbolizes a two-year, Good Housekeeping backed limited warranty.

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Your Adventure Awaits.

Discover how Miele can create special moments…everyday – offering versatile design which stands the test of time, functionality that simplifies everyday tasks and quality that will endure for decades.

Learn more about the Range Series and products available to you by contacting Miele at 800.843.7231, visiting a Miele Experience Center or locating an authorized Miele dealer closest to you.

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