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PDR 908 [HP]

PDR 908 [HP]

Professional heat-pump dryer, Little Giants With very low energy consumption and short program runtimes. Load capacity 18 (8.0) lb (kg).
  • Drum volume 4.59 (130.00) ft³ (l) 4.59 (130.00) ft³ (l), load capacity 18 (8.0) lb (kg)
  • Tested for intensive use – unique Miele quality
  • Top convenience with full-touch color display – M Touch Flex
  • Precision drying of all fabrics – PerfectDry

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Product data sheet

Construction type and version
DesignFront-loader, stackable
LiniePerformance Plus
Front Lotos white, enamelled
Load in lbs.(kg)18 (8.0)
Drum volume in gal(l)4.59 (130.00)
Drying systemHeat pump
Door opening [Ø] in in.(mm) 14 5/8 (370)
Door opening angle in degrees167
Door hingingleft
Stainless steel honeycomb drum
Suitable for the hotel and catering industry
Suitable for retirement and care homes
Suitable for facility management
Suitable for launderettes
Suitable for dry cleaners
Suitable for commercial laundries
Suitable for small businesses
Suitable for universities, nurseries, and schools
Suitable for hospitals
Suitable for camp sites
Suitable for sports clubs
Suitable for beauty salons, spas and fit ness centers
Suitable for doctors' and dentists' practices
Suitable for the petrochemical industry
Suitable for the food-processing industry
Suitable for amusement parks and holiday complexes
Suitable for public/community care facilities
Performance data
Maximum evaporation capacity in l/hour and gal. qts./hour2.60
Specific energy consumption for cottons/Normal drying, residual moisture 48% in kWh/kg0.20
Specific energy consumption for mixed fabric/Normal drying, residual moisture 40% in kWh/kg0.17
Program cycle in min. 88
Program cycle time for cottons/Normal drying, residual moisture 48% in min.88
Program cycle time for cottons/Normal drying, residual moisture 40% in min.76
Control systemM Touch Flex
Program controlsResidual moisture controlled
Max. delay start in h 24
Countdown indicator
Program sequence indicator
Language can be selected easily at any time
Standard electrical connection
Type of heating Heat pump
Electrical connection2 AC 208-240V 60HZ
Electric heater rating in kW0.00
Total connected load in kW1.20
Fuse rating in A30
NEMA plug: Twist Lock L6-30
Number of phases2
Voltage in V208-240
Frequency in Hz60
Possible voltage variants
Number of phases2
Number of phases2
Voltage in V208-240
Frequency in Hz60
Electric heater rating in kW0,00
Total connected load in kW1,20
Fuse rating in A30
Dimensions and weight
External dimensions, net height in inches33 1/2 (850)
External dimensions, net width in inches23 1/2 (596)
External dimensions, net depth in inches30 5/8 (777)
External dimensions, gross height in inches 37 1/8 (940)
External dimensions, gross width in inches 26 (660)
External dimensions, gross depth in inches 32 3/8 (820)
Net weight in lbs. (kg)157 (71.0)
Gross weight in lbs. (kg) 170 (77)
Emission levels
Emissions - sound pressure at workplace <lt/>70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Heat output to the room in Mj/h and BTUs /h 3.60
Efficiency and sustainability
Recycling rate in %95
Intelligent drum reversal
Axial airflow
Fluff filter in the door
Low-maintenance heat exchanger filter system
SoftLift drum ribs
Gentle tumble function
Condensed water drainage
Communication slot
Drying basket (optional)
Drum lighting
Machine-independent accessories
Connection options
Payment system (optional)
Optical interface for service access
Test certificate
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gasesNo
Hermetically sealed system
Hermetically sealed systemNo
Refrigerant quantity in kg0.59
Refrigerant global warming potential in kg CO2e1430
Appliance global warming potential in kg CO2e844.00
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Follow the link and you will find all the resources you need for planning and installing any of our products

Follow the link and you will find all the resources you need for planning and installing any of our products

  • 1 . The heat-pump contains fluorinated greenhouse gases (coolant type R134a) in a hermetically sealed system.
  • 2 . European patent: EP 1 186 697 B1
  • 3 . All accessories can be purchased as an option.
  • 4 . German patent: DE 10 2018 104 694 B3
  • Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given.
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