Revolutionary User Interface

Intuitive Operation

One of the most revolutionary aspects of MasterCool™ is found in the user interface. When the control system is activated, the user is greeted with a food-driven menu system that is easy to view, understand and adjust for each of its independent cooling zones. This intuitive functionality helps to create and maintain the optimum conditions required to specific food categories so freshness is locked in.



Thanks to the SmartFresh zone, many types of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and milk products remain fresh for considerably longer than in conventional refrigerators.


For fast cooling and freezing, RapidCool™ loading is ideal for large quantities of food, extra cold drinks, or gentle freezing.

Acoustic Warning Signal

An automatic warning signal sounds when the door is left open. This occurs when the temperature rises beyond the critical level or after a power failure.

Dual Compressor System

A dedicated cooling system is responsible for each compartment, guaranteeing the refrigerator and freezer, even if they are housed together, do not exchange air.

Ideal environment to protect the integrity of your food and wine

MasterCool™ appliances offer the best in terms of convenience each and every day, such as ideal food storage conditions, dispensing of ice and water, a brilliant light concept and fast and convenient handling. MasterCool™ appliances meet exact requirements of your everyday needs.


ClearView Lighting

The bright ClearView™ lighting system illuminates every nook of the interior cabinet on each level to achieve maximum exposure of all contents.

Remote Vision

Connects your appliance by WiFi to our Miele monitoring center. By tracking your operating data, we'll know if it ever experiences a drop in performance, and we'll contact you for a quick remedy.


The intelligent NoFrost system prevents the formation of ice on cabinet surfaces. This allows drawers to be opened and closed without ice formation causing an obstruction.

Drop and Lock

The metal door compartments are fully adjustable and ensure highest possibly flexibility. This design creates easy handling with all the containers easily locking into place.

The Complete Assortment

Preserve your food and wine perfectly

Miele cooling appliances preserve the full flavor and nutritional value of your food and wine while complementing your design style perfectly. From 36" freezers to 18" wine storage units, Miele offers a range of widths, finishes, and hinging options to suit your kitchen needs.



Miele refrigerators are design to keep your groceries fresh in an efficient and well organized way. Intelligent PerfectFresh and MasterFresh compartments guarantee that food is kept fresh.

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Miele freezers are powerful and efficient with ample space. Now you can be confident that your frozen groceries will taste the way nature intended.

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With each section having its own door, these appliances offer plenty of storage space for fresh and also frozen food. They combine convenient, gentle storage of fresh food as well as frozen food in one appliance.

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Wine Storage Units

Miele wine storage units provide the optimum storage conditions for your wine collection. With individually controlled temperature zones for different types of wine, your red and whites are guaranteed professional treatment.

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Unsurpassed Quality

Perfection and precision of the highest quality. This begins when selecting the right materials. High-quality glass shelves, scratch-proof plastic, bright interior lighting and solid aluminum frames characterize the top-notch design.


Miele Quality

For more than 100 years it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on our appliances. Once a Miele, always a Miele: Miele customers around the world remain loyal to Miele and recommend Miele to others. On select models, we back our claims by offering a 5 year warranty.

Design at its Best

Horizontal lines emphasize the puristic design. The smooth, white side panels inside the appliance are easy to clean and contribute to perfect, glare-free illumination.

Maximum Convenience

MasterCool™ appliances offer the best in terms of convenience each and every day, such as ideal food storage conditions, dispensing of ice and water, and fast and convenient handling.

The Complete Assortment

Find your perfect fit and finish for your kitchen. There is a variety of widths and your choice of custom panel ready or pre-finished with our CleanTouch Steel™ panels. Miele offers the perfect assortment of cooling appliances to fit your lifestyle.