Long story short: 125 years of quality

Celebrate our 125-year anniversary with us and explore our bespoke collection. 125 Edition models – offering promotional prices and innovative features. And 125 Gala Edition models – offering a free 125-week Extended Warranty. Additionally, select kitchen appliances are now available in an exclusive matte black color.*

Since designing and delivering our very first cream separator in 1899, our philosophy and conviction remain unchanged: Immer Besser. Through quality and innovation, we continue to improve your home and life with exclusive designs, convenient features, and smart appliances.​


Our Anniversary Collection

Treat Yourself to Special Offers



125 Gala Edition: Prestigious Appliances, Extended Benefits.

On select appliances enjoy a complimentary 125-week Extended Warranty*. Benefit from quick repairs, servicing, and replacement – completely provided by Miele. Additionally, select kitchen appliances are now available in an exclusive matte black color.



Anniversary Offers. New Products. 125-Month Extended Warranty Option.

Celebrate our brand's remarkable 125-year journey and benefit from promotional offers on select products. For a limited time only, you can also enjoy extraordinary peace of mind by purchasing 125-month Extended Warranty - completely managed by Miele and only available for select products***, ensuring reliable, fast repairs or replacement with a new appliance if needed.



Discover our Bestsellers

Innovative Features. Premium Quality. Immer Besser.

W1 front-loading washing machine:
With TwinDos and Miele@home for smart laundry care and maximum convenience.
Unavailable online. Please contact a local dealer.
G 7566 SCVi XXL SF AutoDos
Fully integrated dishwasher XXL
with Automatic Dispensing thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk.
Unavailable online. Please contact a local dealer.
KFNF 9959 iDE
FrenchDoor Bottom-mount Units
maximum convenience thanks to generous large capacity and ice maker.
Unavailable online. Please contact a local dealer.
Unavailable online. Please contact a local dealer.
Complete C3 125 Gala Edition
canister vacuum cleaners
with protective parquet floorhead for first-class care of delicate hard floors.
In stock
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125 Years of...




A Closer Look

Connected appliances​

Everyday Ease of Mind

Cleverly networked: with our innovative Miele@home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter.

125 Gala Edition in Matte Black

Familiar performance with a stylish new design and free 125-week Extended Warranty. Select kitchen appliances are available in an exclusive matte black color.

Coming Soon

125 Years of Heritage

The Complete C3 Series is top of the line when it comes to luxury and performance, so it is no coincidence why Miele chose the Complete C3 Gala Edition to celebrate 125 years of quality and innovation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about the Extended Warranty activation and the Miele App**. Click here for the full list of FAQs, while the Terms & Conditions can be found here.

The 125-week Extended Warranty is available on selected products to celebrate the 125-year Miele anniversary. Please check out the details on the 125 Gala Edition models here.

How can I activate the 125-week Extended Warranty for my appliance?

Please ensure that your appliance is eligible for the 125-week Extended Warranty. To activate the 125-week Extended Warranty you need to connect your appliance to the Miele App**.

Please click here or scan the QR code to download or open the Miele App**. Follow the instructions within the Miele App** to add your new Miele appliance. You will then automatically be prompted to activate your 125-week Extended Warranty.

Please download the Miele App** from the App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and follow the instructions to add your appliance. For step-by-step instructions of the pairing process, please also check our pairing videos

Yes, your 125-week Extended Warranty can be upgraded to 10 years while within the two-year appliance warranty period. Please get in touch with our Miele Contact Center.

Enjoy extraordinary peace of mind by purchasing an optional Extended Warranty for a total of 125 months* (10 years and 5 months). The "125 months" covers 10 years plus an additional 5 months, including 2 years of Miele warranty. You can purchase the 125-month Extended Warranty online during your 2-year appliance warranty period.

For more detailed information, click here.​

Your perfect companion: With the Miele App**, you can always keep track of your Miele appliances. Would you like to keep an eye on the cooking process in the oven, or find out whether your wash program has finished? The app provides you with all the necessary information and is quick and easy to use. 




Miele Over the Years

Join us in exploring our legacy, through the evolution of our products and brand.

1901, First Miele washing machine Meteor - 2023, Washing machine 125 Gala Edition

1929, First Miele dishwasher (first electric dishwasher in Europe) - 2023, dishwasher 125 Gala Edition

1933, Refrigerator Model Nr. 69 - 2023, Fridge-Freezer 125 Gala Edition

1968, Oven Model H615 - 2024, Oven 125 Gala Edition in Matt Black

1928, Vacuum cleaner Model Melior - 2023, Triflex HX2 Gala Edition


*Offers differ depending on model. The Extended Warranty starts directly after the 2-year Miele warranty, extending it by 125 weeks. The terms and conditions of the Extended Warranty apply (mieleusa.com/125-terms). Please note that the warranty must be activated within 30 days from appliance purchase via the Miele App**. Selected matte black built-in appliances are available from August 2024.

**Available for a mobile device (for the minimum requirements, please refer to the information provided in the app store). All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.

***125 months covers 10 years plus an additional 5 months, including 2 years of Miele warranty. More information can be found here. The 125-month Extended Warranty cannot be purchased with vacuum cleaners or coffee machines/CVAs.

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