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HM 16-80 [D]

HM 16-80 [D]

Rotary iron, electric with steam function for optimum results and maximum convenience.
  • Capacity13.00 % kg/h*, roller width 6 3/8 (160) in (mm) mm, roller diameter 32 3/4 (830) in (mm) mm
  • Iron comfortably while seated
  • Work at your own pace thanks to variable roller speed
  • Durable roller padding - aramid needle felt cloth
  • Easy to store - fold-away function

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Product data sheet

Model and design
Design Laundry infeed and outfeed to the front
Can be set up against a wall
Outer casingLotus white
Drum diameter in in.(mm)6 3/8 (160)
Working width in in.(mm)32 3/4 (830)
Heater plate material Aluminium
Padding Polyester needle-felt cloth
Ironer cover ARAMID needle-felt cloth
Suitable for the hotel and catering industry
Suitable for retirement and care homes
Suitable for residential homes and apartments
Suitable for commercial laundries
Suitable for off-shore use
Suitable for camp sites
Suitable for domestic use
Performance data
Max. ironing performance at 20 % residual moisture in kg/h 13.00
Control systemRotary selector
Ironer speed, controlled in m/min.2.00-4.50
Minimum ironer speed, can be set in ft/min 2.00
Maximum ironer speed, can be set in ft/min 4.50
Adjustable temperature In temperature stages
Standard electrical connection
Type of heatingElectrical
Electrical connection2AC 208-240V 50-60HZ
Number of phases2
Voltage in V208-240
Frequency in Hz50-60
Electric heater rating in kW2.80-3.70
Boiler heater rating in kW0.85
Total connected load in kW2.90-3.80
Fuse rating in A20
NEMA Plug: Twist Lock 6-20
Possible voltage variants
Number of phases2
Voltage in V208-240
Frequency in Hz50-60
Steam heater rating in kW2,80-3,70
Total connected load in kW2,90-3,80
Fuse rating in A20
Dimensions and weight
External dimensions, height in mm37 7/8 (959)
External dimensions, width in mm38 7/8 (985)
External dimensions, depth in mm15 (380)
External dimensions, gross height in inches 22 1/2 (570)
External dimensions, gross width in inches 44 1/8 (1120)
External dimensions, gross depth in inches 17 3/4 (450)
Net weight in kg86 (39)
Gross weight in lbs. 100 (45)
Maximum floor loading in p/force 382
Steam function
Free, unsupported roller end
Fold-away function
Finger guard
Foot switch
Airing bar
Feed-in board
Laundry return feed
Appliance-independent accessories
Test certificate
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  • 1 . With 20% residual moisture - performance data according to DIN 11 902:brThe achievable ironing capacity depends on overall conditions such as, for example, the type of laundry and the experience of the operator.
  • 2 . All accessories can be purchased as an option.
  • Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given.
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