How much cleanliness do you need to be comfortable?

The right bag? It's simple!
It is often difficult to find the right dustbag for a vacuum cleaner. With Miele it's easy: You can recognize the right Original AirClean 3D Efficiency dustbag by the color-matched key-lock principle.
First class suction power
Thanks to the finely graduated filter layers the Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency dustbag remains permeable to air even as it becomes fuller. The appliance will indicate when the FilterBag™ is full or the exhaust filter is saturated. After replacing the filter, you can enjoy uncomprised powerful suction, cleaning performance and Filtration, as you did when you first used it.
AirClean 3D Efficiency
There is little air resistance in the new FilterBags™ with their SoftStructure surface, resulting in the highest level of efficiency even at low power settings. Not only is the highest cleaning performance maintained, but energy is conserved.
Dust-free hygienic dustbag replacement
"When the vacuum cleaner is opened, the Original Miele AirClean dustbag's collar closes automatically and locks in the vacuumed dust for good." Furthermore, the material prevents the bag from tearing, even when sharp objects such glass fragments are vacuumed up. So fine dust which has been vacuumed up cannot escape again.
Expert workmanship
With Miele, you can choose from three different exhaust filters. AirClean filter: effective filtration for everyday needs. >99.9 % dust retention capacity* in combination with the HyClean dustbag. Active AirClean filter: significant reduction of unpleasant odours* – ideal for pet owners. HEPA AirClean filter: filters even fine dust and allergens – ideal for those with house dust allergies. >99.999 % dust retention capacity*.
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