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Built-in coffee machines

Combined vertically or horizontally with other Miele built-in appliances, they create a uniform appearance.

Experience coffee with all your senses

Experience with all your senses

Enjoy unparalleled moments of top-quality pleasure – from the coffee beans right down to the very last technical detail. All of the components in both our built-in and countertop coffee machines are perfectly coordinated and are ideal for preparing a wide variety of coffee specialities.

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Exclusive coffee blends

For the most enjoyable experience

Do you want to enjoy a perfect specialty coffee? Then you will need not only the right preparation method, but also top-quality coffee. That’s why we have developed our very own Miele BlackEdition Series: four coffee blends specifically tailored to Miele Coffee Machines. Now you can always use the right beans to prepare any coffee specialty, from delicious espresso to creamy latte macchiato. Order your favorite coffee easily from the Miele online shop (a href="http://www.shop.miele.de"www.miele.shop.com/a).

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Optimum appliance hygiene

Optimum appliance hygiene – completely automatic

Convenient and with zero effort: Your Miele Coffee Machine takes care of cleaning and descaling for you.  

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Model and user interface

The right appliance whatever your needs

At Miele, you can choose from freestanding and built-in coffee machines, depending on your kitchen and preferences. So you will always find just the right coffee machine to perfectly match your needs.

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Wide range of beverages

Huge selection of specialty coffees and teas

With your Miele Coffee Machine, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of specialty beverages. From a strong espresso through a really creamy latte, there is no limit to the coffees you can make. You can also benefit from the DoubleShot function, which uses twice the amount of coffee for the beverage in question, but brews it for a shorter time.

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Discover a new freedom and more options

Greater freedom thanks to optimum networking: Enjoy maximum convenience and use your Miele Coffee Machine even when you're not at home – or just from the couch. You can use your smartphone or tablet to easily make settings remotely or to prepare any specialty coffee you like with MobileStart. What’s more, coffee beans or detergents can be ordered quickly and easily via the Miele@mobile app.

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Suitable model sizes for every kitchen

At Miele, you have the choice of different designs You are certain to find the perfect coffee machine for your home – all manufactured to Miele’s legendary quality standards.

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The user interfaces of built-in coffee machines

Which user interface do you prefer?

All Miele Coffee Machines are equipped with user-friendly controls. The display is always centrally located and the functions of the array of sensor controls beneath are directly accessible.

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Experience coffee with all your senses

Experience the world of Miele Coffee Machines

Whether you decide to buy a built-in or a countertop coffee machine from Miele, you are guaranteed to experience pure coffee enjoyment and moments of unforgettable coffee delights. With a perfectly coordinated system, our coffee machines prepare a wide variety of specialty coffees as only an expert could. This is something you can see, smell, feel, hear, and, of course, taste.

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Coffee-preparation systems

Excellent preparation systems for superb taste

Miele offers coffee machines with two tried-and-tested preparation systems. No matter which system you choose, Miele guarantees exquisite coffee.

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