Trust the Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Life's too short for housework.

Your ideal cleaning companion

With Miele’s Scout RX2, dividing the household chores is easy. Leave in the morning and return to a clean home in the evening. While you are out, the Scout RX2 knows exactly what to do. And keeps you informed all the time. A mobile app allows you to operate the robot vacuum cleaner even when you are out and about.


Unrestricted access

The Scout RX2 can be conveniently operated by smartphone or tablet from home or when out and about. The app provides all important information and offers key control options at a glance.

Unrestricted access

During vacuuming, a map of the path that has been cleaned is generated. Also, programming cleaning times is so easy with a smartphone.
Remote access is via the Miele cloud server and a WLAN home network in which the Scout RX2 is registered.

Home Vision*

Live from home

Via the Home Vision function, live images taken by the Scout RX2 are transmitted to a mobile device. This allows you to monitor what goes on in your own four walls any time wherever you are.

* Features depend on model. Transmission quality is dependent upon the speed of the Internet connection in your home and the speed of your mobile device.

Live from home

The camera images are not recorded as a video stream but are transferred individually in real time.
Security comes first: that is why image transmission is encoded. Data is transmitted in encrypted form and only decoded on arrival at the mobile device.

Whether hard floors or carpets – thanks to the four-stage cleaning system, the Scout RX2 removes crumbs of all sizes.

Quattro Cleaning Power

Quadruple cleanliness

The cleaning performance of the Scout RX2 comes down to the new Quattro Cleaning Power suction system that consists of four elements.

Quadruple cleanliness

The swing-out side brushes clean corners as well as along walls and reliably brush dirt into the path of the appliance. The suction aperture with roller brush at the front picks up coarse soil. Remaining fine dirt is drawn in by a strong current of air through the rear suction aperture. Thanks to its high speed, the motor ensures strong suction and is particularly energy-efficient.

Corner brush

For thorough cleaning right into the corners

The side brushes are attached to hinged side arms which protrude beyond the body of the appliance. This ensures that the appliance can clean corner areas and along walls. As the Scout RX2 approaches an obstacle, the side brushes retract.

Everything under control at all times

Equipped with front cameras and sensors, the Scout RX2 navigates systematically and carefully through the home.

Stereo camera system

Excellent orientation

The Scout RX2 uses its two front cameras to scan the room from different perspectives.

Excellent orientation

With a stereo camera system, the Scout RX2 registers rooms and objects in 3D and calculates the distance to them. Thanks to continuous localization of objects in the room, the Scout RX2 detects deviations from the calculated course and makes corrections accordingly. Even when the layout of the room is complex, the Scout RX2 moves along undeterred and cleans particularly thoroughly.

3D Smart Navigation

Improved room detection

Compared to other robot vacuum cleaners with chaotic navigation technology, the Scout RX2 is far superior to other systems. With new 3D Smart Navigation technology, rooms are systematically mapped and cleaned. The technology enables the Scout RX2 to negotiate obstacles and, after cleaning, it can be relied upon to find its way back to its charging station.

Improved room detection

The secret of this improved navigation technology is a combination of a stereo camera system, gyro sensor, 10 infrared sensors, and state-of-the-art electronics and software. This also enables reliable navigation in the dark.
Often, ordinary robot vacuum cleaners cannot recognize the layout of a room. They move “blindly” around the room, and cleaning results are patchy.

Furniture protection

Looking ahead

To prevent collisions, 7 infrared sensors in the front and 3 below the unit detect its surroundings – furniture and obstacles are recognized and avoided. Additional front cameras measure the distances to obstacles in the vicinity.

Looking ahead

The interaction of both systems considerably reduces the number of collisions with furniture. The 3 infrared sensors below the unit reliably prevent falls from heights of more than 1.5 in (4 cm).

Pretty clever

The Scout RX2 cleans floors autonomously and much more thoroughly than most of its competitors. Thanks to its intelligent system and ability to operate for up to 120 minutes, it provides reliable assistance you will not want to be without once you have experienced it (features depend on model).

Powerful. Intelligent. Progressive.

With three-dimensional room recognition and first-class dust pick-up from carpets and hard floors, the Scout RX2 is the robot vacuum cleaner of the hour.

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