The bagless vacuum cleaner with innovative vortex technology. 

Miele Blizzard CX1.


Discover the power of vortex technology.

Powerful vortex technology for best cleaning results.

Vortex technology

High performance in the eye of the cyclone.

Vortex Technology works together with the optimized streamlined airflow and the floorhead to provide powerful cleaning performance.

High performance in the eye of the cyclone.

Blizzard CX1 uses the centrifugal force created by an airflow rate in excess of 100 km/h to separate dust from coarse soiling.

Hygienic emptying

For peace of mind

When emptying the dust container, the stirring up of dust is reduced to a minimum. The innovative separation of fine dust enables hygienic emptying.

More convenience, less fine dust.

The fine dust is trapped in a separate container using the Gore® CleanStream® filter. This separation of fine dust ensures hygienic emptying.
The Click2open function makes it very easy to empty the dust container.

No additional costs

Maintenance-free exhaust filter

In the last filtration phase the dust encounters an exhaust air filter. The excellent filtration efficiency of the HEPA AirClean Lifetime filter is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Maintenance-free exhaust filter

Thanks to the HEPA AirClean Lifetime filter up to 99.999%* of small particles such as fine dust and allergens are retained by the system.


*According to EN 60312-2



Choose the easy way to vacuum.


Maintaining ideal suction power.

Always adjust the suction power to the floor surface. This makes the floorhead easy to move and enables optimum cleaning results. The suction power is regulated electronically using rotary dial controls. Graphic symbols for the various applications make it easy to choose the right performance level.

Comfort cable rewind with tap function

No need to bend

A simple tap on a foot switch is enough to comfortably rewind the entire cord of the Blizzard CX1. With a cord length of 33 feet, large rooms can be cleaned with ease.

Park system for vacuuming breaks and storage

Easy parking system.

Blizzard CX1 is equipped with two park systems.

Easy parking system.

The park function for pausing during cleaning is on the left of the vacuum cleaner. To store the appliance upright there is another park function on the back of the vacuum cleaner.

360° casters

Perfect cornering

Blizzard CX1 is equipped with four 360° caster wheels, making the unit extremely easy to maneuver. The rubberized tires are hardwearing and durable, while very gentle on delicate flooring.

Integrated accessories

Always to hand.

The upholstery nozzle and the crevice nozzle are always on board at the back of the Blizzard CX1.

Always to hand.

Models with the Eco Comfort Handle also have a dusting brush integrated in the handle. Vacuum cleaners without the Eco Comfort Handle have the dusting brush supplied as an accessory.

Blizzard Bagless Vacuums

With innovative Vortex Technology, the Miele Blizzard CX1 changes bagless vacuuming forever. Never come into contact with dust and allergens with the unique Hygienic System.

Cat & Dog Vacuums

Show pet hair who’s boss with the Miele Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner. Recommended for all flooring types, this is the perfect solution for those who love their pets but also love a clean home.