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Water drainage fault

Water drainage fault appears in the washing machine display. The drain is restricted.

The end of the drain hose is too high.

Make sure that the maximum delivery head of 3' 3" (1 m) is not exceeded.

The drain hose is kinked.

Remove any kinks or loops from the drain hose.

Monitor these points for a while afterwards, as the plastic may weaken and tear. In the event of any damage, the drain hose must be replaced. Contact Miele Customer Service about this.

The drain filter and the drain pump are blocked.

If the drain outlet is blocked, a larger quantity of water can remain in the washing machine.

Danger of scalding if laundry has been washed at a high temperature.

Be careful when draining the suds.

Do not unscrew the drain filters completely.

Clean the drain filter and the drain pump:

  • Turn off the washing machine.

  • Open the access panel for the drain pump.

  • Place a suitable container under the access panel, e.g., a universal tray.

  • Slowly unscrew the drain filters to let the water out.

  • Tighten the drain filters back up again if you need to interrupt the flow of water.

  • If no water flows out, unscrew the drain filters completely.

  • Clean the drain filters thoroughly.

  • Check the drain pump impellers to make sure they can rotate freely. If necessary, remove any foreign objects (e.g., buttons, coins, etc.) and clean the interior.

  • Put the drain filters back in place. Please note that each drain filter must be inserted on the correct side.

  • Screw the drain filters tight.

  • If the drain filters are not screwed tight, water may leak out.

    Leaking water can cause damage.

    Check that the drain filters have been inserted correctly and are screwed tight.

  • Close the access panel for the drain pump.

There is a technical fault.

Please contact Miele Customer Service.

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