Carrot and Coffee Salad

Did you know that turning ordinary ingredients into an extraordinary dish only takes one extra ingredient?

Recipe for veal shanks with herby lemon gremolata

Osso buco in Spiced Coffee Sauce

Osso buco is one of the highlights of Milanese cuisine. This traditional dish of braised veal shanks is given a modern twist with an unusual coffee flavor.

Recipe for an energy drink with a twist

Coffee and Beef Bouillon with Basil Milk Foam

Beef bouillon as an energy drink? It sounds like an acquired taste, but apparently it offers all kinds of health benefits. A recipe for adventurous types.

Recipe for homemade ribbon noodles with port wine shallots

Espresso & Thyme Ribbon Noodles

Try cooking with coffee! Follow this recipe from our Miele Test Kitchen to create delicious espresso and thyme ribbon noodles.

Recipe for an elegant feast

Saddle of venison with juniper and rosemary

Our recipe from the Miele Test Kitchen shows you how to cook a hearty saddle of venison dish with juniper and rosemary.

With Fried Bacon Slices, Croutons, and Poached Quail Eggs

Spring Salad with Coffee Vinaigrette

A salad made with coffee? Yes please! This spring salad combines the very best ingredients for the perfect light meal.

Enhanced with Coffee Eau De Vie and red currants.

Moist Mocha Chocolate Cake

Three cups of strong mocha may be a bit too much in the morning, but it’s just the right amount for a beautifully moist chocolate cake.

A quick and easy recipe for fish lovers.

Sea bream with herb sauce

Sea bream, also known as dorade, is a Mediterranean fish that has been eaten since ancient times. It tastes particularly good when it is steam baked.

A colorful companion for flavorsome fish.


Originating in Nice, ratatouille is a traditional element of French Provençal cuisine, but today many variations are popular throughout Europe. This recipe goes particularly well with sea bream.

Sweet treats for caffeine junkies.

Coffee desserts

Coffee isn’t just for drinking! It’s also perfect for creating delicious desserts, such as coffee caramel, crispy coffee tuiles, and coffee liqueur with cognac, tonka bean, and vanilla. How can you resist?

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