The highlights of Miele dishwashers

Exclusiv to Miele

Patented*3D+ cutlery tray

Unique versatility for perfect cutlery care

Added versatility: Center section can be lowered and is equipped with a hinged row of spikes for cutlery items.

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    EcoTech heat reservoir

    Absolutely highest level of efficiency

    Top rated in energy efficiency thanks to the EcoTech heat storage.

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    Exclusiv to Miele


    The perfect solution for handleless design

    Unique: The appliance can integrate perfectly into handleless kitchens; the door opens automatically when tapped.

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    Exclusiv to Miele


    Perfect lighting for easier loading

    Automatically controlled: Four LEDs bathe the entire dishwasher interior in brilliant light.

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    Exclusiv to Miele

    Patented*AutoOpen drying

    For perfectly dry dishware

    Everything perfectly dry: The dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of the washing program.

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    Excellent cleaning performance...

    Cleaning class A: Excellent cleaning and drying results for normally soiled dishware in 58 minutes *.

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    Features depend on model

    More things you should know about Miele dishwashers

    Riedel recommends Miele dishwashers

    Gentle cleaning of high-quality glassware

    Can delicate, expensive wine glasses really be washed in a dishwasher? With Miele everything is perfect.

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