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Ventilation hoods

Indispensable: The ventilation hood is an essential part of your kitchen. It ensures good air quality and filters out grease and odors. What’s more, it looks good too – with a wide range of designs and models available, you are sure to find the right one to suit your needs and your kitchen.

Wall-mounted and island ventilation hoods

Miele offers various standard ventilation hood designs, giving you great choice for your kitchen in terms of style and function. They boast clean, prominent lines and perfect craftsmanship. Whether installed on a wall or over an island, these ventilation hoods always attract attention.

Ceiling extractor

Miele Ceiling Extractors are perfect for discreet installation above cooking islands. This makes them ideal for open-plan kitchens, as they ensure an unobstructed view into the living area.

Built-in ventilation hoods

Miele Slimline, Built-under, and Built-in Ventilation Hoods are suitable for classic installation in and under kitchen wall units. Built-in units offer virtually unlimited design freedom. They are ideal for customized solutions; for example, installation in the kind of brick chimney breast that is typical of country-style kitchens.


The Miele Downdraft hoods are integrated in the countertop, making it virtually invisible and ensuring the view is not obstructed. If necessary, it can extend automatically out of the base unit and into the perfect extraction position. Differences in ceiling height or sloping ceilings are no longer an issue.

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