Gourmet warming drawers

Miele Drawers can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only can dishware be pre-warmed and food kept at serving temperature inside the drawer, the Gourmet warming drawers can also be used for cooking food. Miele Drawers also have a fourth feature – a Low Temperature function for stress-free preparation of meat and other food.

Niche and appliance sizes

Perfectly tailored to your needs

Our Miele built-in drawers are available in three sizes for different installation conditions and dimensions. So you can get maximum enjoyment from your space and create a harmonious overall look in your kitchen.

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Perfect dining culture with Miele drawers

The perfect temperature for dishware and food

You want to create a meal with the wow factor? The Miele Gourmet Drawer is the perfect complement to your Miele built-in appliances, as it combines 3 functions in one.

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Perfect design to suit every taste

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