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Miele Cleaning Products

Always perfect results

"The formula especially developed for Miele appliances stands for reliable, perfect results."

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Features depend on model

Things worth knowing about Miele machine care

Machine care

Top care for many years of reliable service.

Miele household appliances are distinguished by first-class quality, a high degree of functionality and timeless design. Miele offers products for the flawless care of your Miele appliances. These have been developed and tested in Miele laboratories in collaboration with select partners.

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Optimum care

Optimum care of your Miele appliances

Using Miele machine care products on your valuable Miele appliances prevents damage and keeps them looking new for longer. Proper care and attention also keeps them functioning like new over their entire life span.

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Test winner

Saldo Test winner in Switzerland in 2010

Best result for Miele ceramic glass and stainless steel cleaner.

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