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Welcome to Miele USA's digital library of downloadable brochures, manuals, and user guides as well as product demonstration videos. 


Miele Ventilation Hoods
Miele Ventilation Hoods

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Miele G6000 EcoFlex Dishwashers
G6000 EcoFlex Dishwashers

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Miele FashionMaster Brochure

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Miele PerfectCool Frech Door KFNF 9955 iDE
PerfectCool French Door Refrigeration

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Range Series 2015
Range Series

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Miele Induction Cooktops
Induction Cooktops

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Miele Built-in Cooking Appliances
Built-in Cooking Appliances

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Miele Signature Handles
Miele Signature Handles

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Miele Wine Storage Assortment
Wine Storage Assortment

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Miele Scout RX1 Red
Scout RX1 Red

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How to create your own, individual brochure

Miele’s MyBrochure feature enables you to create your own custom brochure - featuring the specific appliances you are interested in. 

Here is how MyBrochure works:

On the product page of the appliance you desire, check off “Save & Compare”. This option is located at the top of the page. Once “Save & Compare” has been successfully checked off, the appliance will appear in your Wish List.

To add more appliances to your Wish list, follow the same process of going to the desired product page and checking off “Save & Compare”. Once finished, open your Wish List and click “Add all products to MyBrochure” – located on the left hand side. You can customize the headline, choose to add installation drawings and insert personal notes.

Complete your custom brochure by clicking on 'Create and download brochure'.

Give it a try!

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Product Demonstration Videos

Coffee Machines

The perfect coffee at the touch of a button!

Tips on how to use the Miele CM6.

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