Endless coffee possibilities. 

CM7 CoffeeSelect High End Coffee Maker

Miele's CM7 CoffeeSelect high end coffee maker allows for multiple bean varieties, creating personalized coffee drinks that suit every taste. 


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CM7 High End Coffee Maker 2

CoffeeSelect: Your Personal Preference

Personalize your coffee experience with the CM7 CoffeeSelect high end coffee maker. With 3 bean containers, you can enjoy your favorite bean variety and create the perfect coffee beverage to suit your taste. And with the unique AromaticSystem, each cup of coffee ensures you have perfect results and intense coffee flavor.

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CM7 High End Coffee Maker with WifiConn@ct

Thoughtful Design

The CM7 CoffeeSelect high end coffee makers were created with thoughtfulness and purpose.  With features like WifiConn@ct, controlling your coffee machine with your mobile device has never been easier. The CM7 also provides intuitive operation with C Touch controls, while the automatic CupSensor pours the perfect amount of coffee, and the spout adjusts according to the cup size — all illuminated with beautiful LED lighting. And if you're hosting lots of guests, the coffee/tea pot function has got you covered!

Miele Coffee Machine Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Let the machine do the cleaning for you. The CM7 high end coffee maker rinses automatically and most components are dishwasher-safe, thanks to ComfortClean. And with the new AutoDescale feature, the machine automatically descales, providing you with ultimate convenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of your machine. 

Explore the CM7 CoffeeSelect model:

Enjoy ultimate coffee indulgence with a CM7 high end coffee maker

CM 7750 CoffeeSelect
Countertop coffee machine
with CoffeeSelect and AutoDescale for maximum flexibility
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