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Freestanding bottom-mount units

Our freestanding bottom-mount units are the ideal solution for optimum cooling and freezing in one appliance. They have potential in other areas too: As freestanding appliances, they can be positioned virtually anywhere for maximum visual impact.

Interfaces – freestanding refrigeration appliances

Which user interface do you prefer? 

User interfaces from Miele are extremely easy to use.  

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Pure enjoyment and natural taste – freestanding

Which freshness system would you like? 

Fresh food is the basis for wholesome, healthy living. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed as crisp and fresh as when purchased at the local market. But who has the time to buy fresh ingredients every day?  

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Long storage for convenience – freestanding

Which freezing system would you like? 

Freezing is the best solution for the long-term storage of food. This method retains vitamins and flavors for a long time, and food is available when needed. 

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