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DA 398-7 Classic
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DA 398-7 Classic

30-inch wall-mounted ventilation hood with energy-efficient LED lighting and backlit controls for easy use.

  • Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given.

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Product data sheet

Wall ventilation hood
Recirculated modeConvertible
Recirculation conversion kit (order separately)DUW 20
OdorFree charcoal filter (order separately)DKF12-900
ColorStainless steel
Customization possible on request
Variable height available as special order
Electronic controls
Light-touch controls
Power levels (number excl. Intensive)3
Programmable Intensive switch-off
Number of dishwasher-safe stainless-steel grease filters2
LED ClearView lighting
Number x W2 x 3 W
Light intensity in Lx300 lx
Color temperature in K3000 Kelvin
Dual-action blower
AC motor
Air throughputValues upon request
Safety shut-off
Overall min. height for vented and external in in. (mm)27 3/8 (695)
Overall max. height for vented and external in in. (mm)40 (1015)
Overall min. height for recirculation in in. (mm)32 1/2 (825)
Overall max. height for recirculation in in. (mm)45 1/8 (1145)
Canopy width in in. (mm)29 1/2 (748)
Canopy height in in. (mm)4 3/4 (120)
Depth of hood canopy in in. (mm)20 1/2 (520)
Minimum distance above electric cooktops in in. (mm)24 1/8 (610)
Minimum height above gas cooktop (max. 12.6 kW total power, burner ≤ 4.5 kW) in mm26 (660)
Net weight in lbs. (kg)56 (25.1)
Length of electrical wire in ft. (m)4 (1.5)
Standard plug fitted
Total connected load in kW0.36
Voltage in V120
Fuse rating in A15
Frequency in Hz60
Number of phases1
Vent connection at top
Vent connection at rear
Vent connection at top and rear
Diameter of vent connection in in. (mm)6 (150)
Telescopic chimney
OdorFree charcoal filterNo
OdorFree charcoal filter, can be reactivatedDKF 12-R
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DA 398-6 (Installation drawing)

1) Extraction

2) Recirculation

3) Ventilation grille position at the top for recirculation

4) and 5) Vent cut-out positions (area 5 not required for recirculation)

  • Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given.
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