The patented* Miele honeycomb drum

Useful special programs and intelligent functions such as Perfect Dry or the TwinPower system support economical and gentle drying of your textiles.
Gentle treatment due to air-cushioning effect
Thanks to the honeycomb structure which points outwards, pockets of air are created which cushion the laundry as it tumbles. "As a result, your laundry is treated more gently and has fewer creases after drying." It also simplifies ironing considerably.
Gentle fabric care due to improved traction
The unique honeycomb structure lifts the laundry higher in the rotating drum. This results in items being exposed to the warm air stream for longer which achieves more uniform drying results and reduces the mechanical strain on them.
Capacity of 1-7 kg
The rounded, soft ribs of the Miele honeycomb drum ensure gentle treatment even with large laundry loads or items. With a load capacity of up to 7 kg, Miele provides the right appliance for every need.
Better results
The independent Hohenstein Institute confirms: Miele dryers dry textiles more evenly and with fewer wrinkles.
Patent: EP 1 293 594 Features depend on model