The best liquid detergent system

Type of textiles, amount of laundry and degree of soiling - all this must be considered for proper dispensing of detergent. It sounds rather complicated. Now Miele takes care of it.
With the TwinDos function you can integrate two detergent containers into the washing machine and the appliance dispenses the optimum amount for your laundry items with the push of a button.
For best results we recommend you use the unique Miele 2-phase detergent UltraPhase 1 and 2. TwinDos dispenses each component into the wash cycle at the optimum time. This cleans your clothing thoroughly, makes colors bright and whites brilliant.
Alternatively, TwinDos can automatically dispense conventional liquid detergents or fabric conditioners. You simply add them to the refill containers that are available as Miele accessories and the machine promptly takes over dispensing of the correct dose.
No matter what you decide: Miele TwinDos always dispense detergent optimally and easily, without making a mess. And what if you want to use a different detergent - for example powder? No problem! You can use the detergent drawer as usual.
No other liquid detergent washes both white and colored items as thoroughly as the 2-Phase-System from Miele.
This is because conventional liquid detergents do not contain a bleaching agent as it would destroy the other ingredients. Bleaching agents are necessary, however, to remove stubborn stains (coffee, tea, fruit juices, red wine).
With UltraPhase 2 the bleaching agent is added to the wash process at the appropriate time and removes even stubborn stains, such as coffee, tea, fruit juices or red wine.
Patent: EP 2 784 205 Features depend on model