Miele Black Edition N°1: Pure coffee enjoyment

Enjoy exclusive coffee beans for a refined taste.

Miele Coffee

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We will be expanding our Black Edition coffee bean selection in Spring 2020.  Offered will be 4 types of specialty coffee beans, to suit every taste: One For All, Café Crema, Espresso and Decaf.

The perfect blend: key to a perfect coffee

The composition of different types of coffee beans, their quality and the right blend ratio are the basis for excellent tasting coffee. For Miele's Black Edition N°1, four types of high-quality Arabica beans were selected from the uplands of South America. Compared with the coffee beans from the Robusta plant, Arabica beans are considered to have a more sophisticated flavor. The high quality of the beans, the harvest technology and the exclusive blend of four types of coffee beans gives our Miele coffee a unique appeal.

The flavor and freshness

Every palate experiences aromatic notes differently. So it was our aim to create different Black Edition coffee beans that please and convince every one. Good flavor is also dependent on storage conditions. To achieve the full aroma of Miele's Black Edition coffee, the beans comes in aroma-proof 8.8 oz. (250 g) bags - made from composite aluminum foil. As aroma may escape over long storage periods, our roaster recommends using the coffee beans within 18 months of purchase - to experience truly delicious coffee.

Black Edition N°1: enjoy coffee with all your senses

Miele's Black Edition N°1 coffee is an exclusive composition of the finest coffee beans – the perfect complement to your Miele coffee machine. In cooperation with the family-run coffee roasting company Vollmer, four unique Arabica coffee beans were selected for this special blend. The hand-picked, hand-sorted and organically-grown coffee beans are carefully treated and gently roasted – allowing their full aroma to unfold during the brewing process. The result is typical Miele: simply unique!

Fair trade guaranteed

Miele’s Black Edition N°1 is certified as a fair trade product. Fair trade certification refers to the coffee beans used.  After crude oil, coffee is the world’s second most important raw export product. With the purchase of fair trade coffee, Miele is making a valuable contribution towards improving the living and working conditions of coffee grower families in under-developed countries, while also promoting the protection of the environment. Miele’s coffee originates entirely from one fair trade cooperative.

* In accordance with DE-ÖKO-001 ** Miele cert. no. DE-NW-001-25390-BD

Coffee enjoyment with organic certification*

Every company producing or distributing ecologically grown produce must be certified according to EU rules on organic farming in order to market products within the EU. This certification covers the entire organic production chain – including growing, processing, transportation, warehousing, and trading. This means that it is not just our partner, private coffee-roasting company Vollmer, with organic certification – Miele too now has organic certification** as a warehousing agent and trader in organic coffee for the first time.

Roasting process

Our partner: private coffee-roasting company Vollmer

With the private coffee-roasting company Vollmer, Miele has a partner with traditions and values that match our own. Vollmer was founded in 1936, as a general goods store with an attached roasting facility. Over the last 80 years, Vollmer has gained great experience in roasting - developing unique coffee blends. Like Miele, Vollmer places great value in quality - ensuring their Fairtrade certification.

The right roasting process is decisive

The unique aroma and flavor of each coffee bean is the result of the roasting process. During the grease-free, dry roasting process up to 800 aromatic substances (contained in the coffee beans) are revitalized.

Roasting time influences the moisture, as well as the acidity of the beans. The darker the roast, the less acidity, but the more bitterness and sweetness is released. Temperature development and roasting time therefore influence the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans. This means that the same type of bean can taste differently depending on the parameters of the roasting process. 

During the roasting process of Miele's Black Edition N°1, the untreated coffee beans are poured into a pre-heated roasting container. This dries the beans and pre-warms them. Then they are roasted, during which the first aromas begin to develop at approx. 302°F. At the end of the roasting process, the coffee is at least 356°F hot before it is cooled down.

Appliances and accessories

Miele Coffee Machines: pure enjoyment

For all who love perfectly prepared coffee delights, Miele offers a wide range of outstanding coffee machines. Whether you are an ambitious barista, a fan of steamed milk or lover of exclusive specialty coffee: finally you can enjoy your favorite beverage not only in a café, but at home too.

Anytime and with ease – with Miele.

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Accessories and cleaning for long-lasting enjoyment

The coffee machine is only one of the many prerequisites for the perfect preparation of your favorite specialty coffee. Apart from the right type of coffee, matching accessories, like a high-quality milk frother, are also very important.

Cleaning your Miele appliance regularly (and correctly) is also critical. We make this as easy as possible for you: for example with an automatic cleaning program or the easily removable brew unit. By treating and maintaining your appliance correctly, you ensure that your Miele appliance functions perfectly its whole life long.

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Coffee enjoyment

With Miele you can prepare any type of specialty coffee

To prepare your perfect coffee drink, simply be creative and adventurous. With a little experimenting, you can easily select the settings that best suit your favorite coffee treat.

For best results, the following settings are important: portion size, amount of ground coffee beans, brewing temperature, pre-brewing and grinder setting.

Consult your machine’s operating instructions for further detail.

It is all about the settings

Baristas have mastered the art of coffee preparation. Their secret is the great care and exactness they apply when making coffee. They reset the grinder every morning to take into account weather conditions (particularly the humidity in the air). To ensure that the perfect settings have been selected, test espressos are brewed until the perfect crema is produced.

To guarantee that you, as an owner of a Miele coffee machine, achieve such perfect results, we have established the perfect settings for our Black Edition N°1:

For espresso, capuccino, and latte macchiato


Portion size: 1 fl. oz.
Amount of coffee: Third position from left
Brewing temperature: Medium
Pre-brewing: Long
Grinder setting: Fourth position



For coffee


Portion size: 4.73 fl. oz.
Amount of coffee: Fourth position from left
Brewing temperature: Low
Pre-brewing: Off
Grinder setting: Fourth position from left


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