Con@ctivity: the intelligent connection


The ventilation hood reacts automatically to the settings on the cooktop.

Concentrate fully on cooking: with Con@ctivity 3.0, your ventilation hood always knows exactly what to do. As soon as the cooktop is switched on or off, the hood responds automatically. The extraction power is automatically adjusted to what is happening on the cooktop, ensuring a pleasant room climate at all times. The appliances communicate with each other via WiFi. Con@ctivity 3.0 allows you to integrate the ventilation hood and cooktop into Miele@home.


Coffee machine and warming drawer perfectly networked

With the timer function your favorite coffee is prepared when you want it. Your coffee machine is prepared to brew automatically – all you have to do is choose the right beverage. Thanks to Con@ctivity, pre-warmed cups are also available for you. Your warming drawer is in contact with the coffee machine and switches on automatically 30 minutes before brewing starts – for uncompromising coffee enjoyment. Networking is carried out with the Miele app.


Central control over everything – from your kitchen

You can read the current status and remaining time left for programs on your other Miele appliances from the large display on your kitchen appliances. For instance, you can see the program status of your washing machine in the display on your oven. With SuperVision you can plan and organize your household efficiently and conveniently – without having to be near your smartphone or tablet all the time.

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