How do we come up with ideas for new products?

Andreas Enslin is Chief Designer at Miele.

Andreas Enslin often comes up with new product designs in his free time. Miele’s chief designer finds his best ideas come to him when he is inspired by his surroundings.

Andreas Enslin tends to come up with his best ideas when he’s not thinking about work. Miele’s chief designer likes to seek inspiration away from his desk. His best ideas often come to him when he’s out sailing, building model boats, or wandering round trade shows. It is important to him that his design creates a good relationship between the customer and the product. At the same time, he thinks far into the future when he is designing products at the Miele Design Centre. He picks up on new developments at an early stage and finds creative ways of putting them into practice. Andreas Enslin likes to work with the very latest technology, such as that used by Miele's Dialog oven. He believes that good, meaningful design makes people's lives easier – and more beautiful.

Author: Maria Berentzen
Image: © Miele

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