Employee Perks

Employee Perks

Employee Picnic

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential resources to help you in your personal and professional life.

Health Club Membership

To promote health, we offer Princeton employees Princeton and Wellness Centers at no cost. LA Fitness Centers are offered for all other employees at a minimal cost.

Paid Time Off

At Miele we are committed to helping our employees have a healthy work/life balance. We offer paid time off that allows you to take time off for vacation, personal or other reasons.

Volunteer Time

1 day to volunteer to a charity of the employee’s choice.

Educational Assistance

Reimbursement for programs that are related to current and/or future job responsibilities.

Life Celebrations

Gifts for newborns, marriage and working years milestones

Annual Company Events

  • Kid’s Day : Bring your kids for a Day camp and let them enjoy a day filled with fun activities like cooking, arts and crafts, and games. 
  • Picnic: Every summer, we celebrate and recognize our employees contributions by planning a picnic and a bbq.
  • Holiday Party:  Celebrate the holidays with all Miele USA employees during a festive lunch.
  • Easter Egg Hunt:  Become a kid again and look for prizes that the Easter bunny left throughout the office. 
  • Health Fair:  At Miele we are committed to Wellness.  Once a year we offer a Health Fair where employees can get their screenings and other health rewards from our partners. 
  • Ice Cream Day:  Enjoy some ice cream that the ice cream truck delivered, compliments of Miele!
  • Pumpkin carving competitions…. And much more

On-Site Services

  • House Laundry Facilities: Miele provides detergent and fabric softener for your laundry needs.
  • Dry Cleaning on-site: Drop off your dry cleaning at work and pick it up from the convenience of your work place.  
  • Tailoring services on site upon request: For your convenience bring those items you’ve been meaning to alter but never had the time.  
  • Cooking facilities for our Employees: Employees can experience our state of the art appliances.

Employee Purchase Program

  • All Miele products at very competitive pricing
  • Working Advantage Benefits
  • Dell Purchase Program
  • VPI Pet Insurance