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How flexible is the Miele solution?

SimpleLoad makes it quicker and easier to load your laboratory washer

360PRO for your laboratory

Miele Professional has set innovative milestones for more than four decades in the efficient and safe machine-based reprocessing of laboratory glassware, offering great added value: improved cleaning performance, higher-level process security and better efficiency. In developing reprocessing solutions for laboratory glassware, Miele Professional has always relied on close cooperation with the experts in industry, with research laboratories and with highly reputable glassware manufacturers. The results of this cooperation based on trust and innovation are machines and processes that never fail to win over discerning users.

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The Miele Professional 360PRO system

Small laboratories

The basic solution for your laboratory

Medium-size laboratories

The solution for medium-size capacity requirements

Large laboratories

The solution for high-volume reprocessing


With laboratory glasswashers, accessories, detergents and after-sales service, Miele Professional offers a comprehensive system for the efficient and economic reprocessing of laboratory glassware.

Machine reprocessing: an investment that pays off

Manual cleaning versus machine reprocessing

A laboratory glasswasher makes reprocessing in a laboratory much safer, less prone to mistakes and hence more reliable. In all, this makes work in labs far simpler.

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Our 360PRO solutions for your laboratory: for each installation situation and load configuration, Miele has the right laboratory glasswasher with the ideal capacity.

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Do you want to improve the quality of the daily reprocessing cycle or reduce your financial costs? We offer custom solutions: contact us to find out more!

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