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Sustainability at Miele Professional

Immer Besser:
For the planet, our only home

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Why we care about sustainability

Our planet is going through some profound changes – changes that we are just beginning to feel the consequences of.

We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future - from the largest multinational to the smallest family home.

'Immer Besser' defines Miele's commitment to always do better in everything we do. It keeps motivating us to make better, smarter solutions so the homes and businesses they serve become more sustainable, from one generation to the next.

On this page you can find out what we're doing on our journey to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Our pledges for the planet

As the race to save our only home is ever-accelerating, our commitment to evolve our ambitions is too. To continue our journey Miele Professional commits to the following sustainability pledges.

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Make sustainability happen at every step

We continuously work towards making sustainability essential at every stage of our products and services' life cycle – as well as in all of our value chains, and in the homes and businesses of our customers.

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Make machines that won’t leave a mark

Miele is dedicated to producing the best possible products and services with the least impact on the environment, with the ultimate aim to make them 100% carbon-neutral.

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End waste by giving our machines new life

We are working towards creating a circular value chain with net-zero waste for all materials used in our machines to re-enter the loop at the end of their lifecycle.

Our global reputation for reliability is no accident. All our products undergo meticulous and rigorous testing¹.

  • Our washing machines are tested to 30,000 hours

  • Our tumble dryers are tested to 40,000 cycles

  • Our washer-disinfectors are tested to 15,000 hours

  • Our freshwater dishwashers² are tested to 28,000 cycles

  • The doors on our washing machines are opened, closed, locked and unlocked 60,000 times

  • The doors on our dishwashers are opened and closed 100,000 times

Sustainability at a glance

In our infographic you can discover more information about our company, our pledges to the planet, more details on our sustainable solutions and some interesting facts on the meticulous and rigorous testing our machines go through. Find out more now!

More Sustainability insights

Ever since our company was founded in 1899, sustainability has been firmly anchored in our values. Read our articles and learn more about our approach to sustainability!

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Sustainability, it’s in our DNA

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Miele products - discover the journey we have been on since we started.

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A sustainable future for our planet

Miele Professional is committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet. Find out more about the pledges we have made to achieve our goals by 2030.

'Immer Besser' means always better, always caring

As a family-owned business, we believe that the future needs to be sustainable – and that our responsibility doesn’t end at the factory gate. That’s why we are driven to make everything we do more sustainable, and to help others do the same. For only together can we begin to solve the challenges facing our world.

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We're serious about sustainability

More than 50% of Miele`s Research and Development budget goes into developing more sustainable solutions  and services. The majority of Miele washing machines sold in 2020 achieved the highest efficiency class on the market.

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Quality equals longevity

From day one, the core of our product philosophy has been to manufacture products of exceptionally high quality with a long service life, using premium-quality materials and sophisticated production methods. So, using a longer-lasting Miele Professional machine gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are consuming less.

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A reliable partner

Miele (incl. Miele Professional) employs over 22,300 people whose well-being is very important to us. With manifold HR initiatives we support all our employees and are committed to being a reliable partner for both the industry and society.

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CO₂ neutral in all our facilities

Miele is committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and we are carbon neutral in all of our locations (Scope 1&2). An important milestone on this path is the reduction of emissions in the use phase of our products (Scope 3.11) – which are the major contributors to our overall carbon footprint – by 15 percent from 2019 until 2030.

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Your right to repair

Thanks to their high quality, Miele Professional machines have a long service life. If a repair should be necessary, important functional parts are available for up to 15 years after the end of the range.³  In addition, it is often possible to deliver original replacement parts for important functions.

Miele Sustainability Report

Miele's new Sustainability Report is now available as a download. In this report Miele reinforces its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the United Nations and subscribes to the 2°C target of international climate politics. As in the case of past reports, this issue follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Do you need individual advice?

We are happy to help you find the right products and services for your business. Miele Professional offers you tailored and sustainable solutions that fit perfectly to your needs: Contact us to find out more!

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    Statements can vary depending on specific product categories and machine capacity
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    This does not apply to digital products or products for process documentation.