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Robust and durable

Quality you can rely on

A demanding work day requires products you can always rely on 100%. To guarantee this reliability, all machines from Miele Professional undergo comprehensive quality tests and an extremely rigorous final inspection. Only once all tests have been successfully passed in the factory, the machines are released for dispatch or installation on site. The ongoing and stringent quality controls are an important part of the high quality standards that Miele Professional sets itself. These standards apply even to the production of the individual components and result in an outstanding production depth: metal processing, the manufacturing of plastic parts, motor and pump development as well as electronics manufacturing. All the important production steps are completed within the company, so that Miele retains full control over the quality in all the different areas. 

Perfect sustainability

Outstanding efficiency and profitability.

The highest level of performance together with outstanding efficiency and economy. The combination of these apparently contradictory claims is a typical characteristic of the Miele Professional system solutions. Our machines and processes stand out thanks to their extremely low consumption of water, electricity, and chemicals, as well as innovative programs that achieve outstanding reprocessing results with the lowest possible use of materials. Advanced technologies underpin the high efficiency claims for our products, including systems for saving resources. Thanks to the high quality levels of our materials and processing systems, Miele Professional machines have a long service life – another advantage in terms of economy.

In good hands

Planning and installation – Miele from the start

Even before you install your new machine, Miele is at your side with comprehensive support. This includes CAD drawings and BIM files, the calculation of current and future capacity requirements as well as in-depth economic considerations. And particularly in the case of larger-scale projects, with Miele as your strong partner you can benefit from our many years of experience. 

System solutions for perfect results

Analytically pure laboratory glassware reprocessing

With washer-disinfectors, special reprocessing procedures and ideally coordinated accessories, Miele Professional offers comprehensive system solutions for the analytically pure reprocessing of different laboratory glassware. System solutions facilitate reproducible results, even in challenging areas of application such as organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, in hospital laboratories, and in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries.

A strong partner

Typically Miele – also our service

Miele Professional is synonymous with exceptional quality – not least when it comes to service. Service coverage enables a fast response, usually within 24 hours. Miele also offers a series of process checks performed at various times throughout an appliance’s life cycle. Specially trained technicians carry out process tests in accordance with legal requirements and standards as well as country-specific recommendations. And, thanks to on-board spares, first service visits result in around 90% first-time fixes. It is no coincidence that Miele’s customer service has been awarded top ratings for outstanding service for many years.

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Recommended by the Best

Duran Group

Miele Professional recommends Duran® laboratory glassware and the Duran Group recommends Miele Professional washer-disinfectors: Chemical properties are the key to retaining the value of high-quality laboratory glassware as durable materials combined with gentle cleaning processes minimize the risk of glass corrosion. With its outstanding chemical properties, Duran® laboratory glassware is particularly suitable for multiple cleaning operations and guarantees a long service life of the laboratory glassware.