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The protective clothing for fire departments and emergency services has to withstand very specific challenges and is therefore specially designed. The textiles, which are often multilayered for better heat insulation, also have a moisture protection barrier made of Gore-Tex®, Sympatex®, or a similar material and the outer material has additional reflective strips for better visibility. Once it has been used, the clothing is often very heavily soiled and stained. In order to ensure efficient cleaning that is appropriate for the textiles whilst maintaining the important safety and protective functions, the clothing must be cleaned gently and also reproofed at the same time. Professional laundry technology from Miele ensures economical and gentle reprocessing of workwear on site. As well as the professional cleaning of the protective clothing, Miele Professional dishwashers have special wash programs for respiratory masks that are designed to meet the manufacturer's exacting requirements. Depending on the number of respiratory masks, this type of cleaning can offer an efficient alternative to the washing machine.

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