Carefully formulated products: Detergents and rinse aid ensure spotless results and preserve the value of loads long-term.

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ProCare Shine

Cleaning agent and rinsing agent in Miele quality

Exploit the performance potential of your high-quality Miele Professional dishwasher to the full: A range of cleaning agents and rinsing agents have been developed for use in Miele dishwashers as part of the ProCare Shine series, and they are guaranteed to be compatible with your machine. With their carefully balanced formulations, they form the basis of professional dishwashing and are not only impressively economical to use, but also create delightfully sparkling results.

ProCare Shine

The three liquid detergents for automatic dispensing provide discerning users with the right type of cleaning power. The mildly alkaline ProCare Shine 10 MA cleaning agent, for instance, ensures immaculate results when faced with all typical soiling types and is also particularly easy to use. Persistent soiling on robust wash items is best tackled using ProCare Shine 10 A, a powerful cleaning agent which is even able to remove stubborn dried-on starch and protein soiling without leaving any traces. The ProCare Shine 10 GC liquid detergent offers two unbeatable benefits: not only does it produce sparkling results, but it is also gentle on glassware and reduces the burden on the environment. With the EU Ecolabel (DE/038/063), this product is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a commercial dishwashing detergent but does not want to compromise on caring for the environment. ProCare Shine 40 GC completes the range with a corresponding rinse aid (EU Ecolabel: DE/038/066). For users who prefer manual dispensing, the ProCare Shine powder and tablets will provide them with the professional cleaning performance they require. The ProCare Shine 12 GC Dishwasher Tab is easy to handle, produces excellent results, and also features environmentally friendly properties (EU Ecolabel: AT/038/006).
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Thanks to innovative and robust commercial technology as well as application-specific programs for requirements that extend far beyond the household area, Miele Professional dishwashers are perfectly geared to commercial use. Various connection options and powerful heater elements allow short cycles and optimum cleaning results with maximum economy. Dispenser modules guarantee the efficient use of cleaning agents and rinsing agents, while water preparation systems optimize washing results.
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The highest level of innovation

For more than 120 years, our motto “Immer Besser” has driven us to find unique solutions for you. The high level of innovation used by the global brand Miele has become virtually synonymous with practical products that are impressively economical to run and give perfect reprocessing results. The Miele Professional engineers invest a lot of time and energy in developing innovative features to make your daily work easier. For example, as well as perfect cleaning results the fresh water system delivers a high standard of hygiene with simultaneous cleaning at two levels.