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Ready to rise to any challange

First-class cleanliness on glassware, dishes and cutlery - dishwashers from Miele Professional are designed for robust applications and excel in terms of the results they produce. The 360PRO system represents a perfectly assembled collection of components to rise to any challenge.

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Miele Professional stands for innovation. Take a look at our latest product innovations now and find the right solution for your needs.

Why Dishwashing Technology from Miele Professional?

Financial services

Customised offers

Because as well as high-performance appliances with innovative technology Miele offers comprehensive service and advice, including some very attractive finance packages. Whether financing, leasing or hiring: With our flexible financial offers to suit your needs you will soon be able to benefit from the proverbial Miele quality.
 Operational safety

Conforms to Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) defines all the safety provisions for commercial appliances. The objective of this legislation is to ensure that machine operatives are thoroughly protected in their daily work. All Miele Professional machines comply with the guidelines of this directive in full.
Perfect sustainability

Outstanding efficiency and profitability.

The highest level of performance together with outstanding efficiency and economy. The combination of these apparently contradictory claims is a typical characteristic of the Miele Professional system solutions. Our machines and processes stand out thanks to their extremely low consumption of water, electricity, and chemicals, as well as innovative programs that achieve outstanding reprocessing results with the lowest possible use of materials. Advanced technologies underpin the high efficiency claims for our products, including systems for saving resources. Thanks to the high quality levels of our materials and processing systems, Miele Professional machines have a long service life – another advantage in terms of economy.
Perfect overall solutions

Accessories for optimum work processes

The right accessories make daily work easier. For example, plinths ensure ideal ergonomic handling when loading or unloading the machine. Perfect dispensing is guaranteed by using dispensing systems. For perfect cleaning results and stability items are held securely in baskets and inserts. These and other genuine original Miele accessories were developed especially for Miele appliances in order to guarantee perfect results. 

Perfect overall solutions

With the right accessories we ensure that the work processes are optimized and simplified. As a result, efficiency and profitability are increased.brMiele Professional offers a large selection of accessories for every kind of requirement, perfectly customized to meet your needs. Genuine Miele accessories are developed especially for Miele machines in order to guarantee perfect results.
Robust and durable

Quality you can rely on

A demanding working day requires products you can always rely on 100%. To guarantee this reliability, all appliances from Miele Professional undergo comprehensive quality tests and an extremely rigorous final inspection. brThe ongoing and stringent quality controls are an important part of the high quality standards that Miele Professional sets itself. In order to have the greatest control possible over production, the most important components are also manufactured in house. The result is an extraordinary range of in-house manufactured components: metal foundry, manufacture of plastic parts, motor development and electronics production – Miele carries out all of these production stages itself and so has a firm hand on quality across all the different areas.