Wet cleaning, drying, finishing

WetCare is the original wet-cleaning system for the gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning of delicate textiles made from wool, cashmere and silk as well as sophisticated garments from a range of fabrics.

WetCare benefits

  • Gentle processing of textiles made from delicate fibers such as angora, cashmere, wool and silk
  • All textiles with a W on the care label and many items with a P or F can be washed in this process without any problems
  • Thorough removal of all water-soluble soils such as dirt, urine, salts
  • Textiles retain their brilliance & have a fresh and pleasant smell as well as bounce and handle
  • No strain on workplace microclimate through solvent vapors
  • 'Blue Angel' seal of approval for benefits to environment


Wet cleaning

The WetCare system can be used to wash a large majority of items otherwise submitted for dry-cleaning both gently and in an environmentally friendly way. The appeal of the system is enhanced in the eyes of customers through the highly prized 'Blue Angel' label.

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Nursing homes

Outerwear worn by the residents of care and nursing homes can be washed in-house in Miele laundry machines with the WetCare system – without having to resort to contracting work out to third parties.  Unpleasant smells are thoroughly removed.

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By offering a range of services, e.g. cleaning business and ski wear, a hotel can enhance its profile whilst at the same time improving the deployment of staff and the profitability of an on-premise laundry. 

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Stage and theatre companies

High-value costumes as well as soft furnishings used as stage decorations can be washed cost-efficiently and in line with individual needs in-house.

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Machine benefits

Patented honeycomb drum

  • Top-class care of textiles – endorsed in scientific studies conducted by the Institute for Applied Research in Krefeld (wfk)
  • No hole imprints on laundry load even at very high spin speeds
  • No laddering as on conventional drums with perforations larger than 3 mm in diameter

Freely programmable PROFITRONIC M controls

  • 199 program slots for individually compiled programs
  • Special WetCare program and pre-defined cycles for a wide range of applications
  • Program can also be run from a chipcard
  • Remote service and trouble-shooting via RS 232 interface
  • Operating data acquisition as standard feature

Convenient liquid dispensing

  • Automatic dispensing of up to 12 liquid products
  • Simple, precise and economic dispensing of detergent
  • 'Container empty' in washer-extractor display

* Features are dependent on the device type