Small Businesses (e.g. Bakery, Hair dresser)

Solutions for Small Businesses (e.g. Bakery, Hair dresser)

Commercial technology for the daily work life challenges

Brilliant results - quickly and reliably

The efficient and cost-effective care of textiles and various wash items is of decisive importance in small commercial operations in particular. The multi-faceted requirements demand flexible top performance.  Little Giants are the efficient solution for dealing with many different textiles and stubborn stains. "Normal" washing machines quickly reach their limits when faced with large mountains of laundry, frequent wash loads and stubborn stains. Which results in: inefficient energy usage and unnecessary costs for electricity, water and cleaning agent; extreme stress on parts subject to wear and tear and high repair costs. Little Giants are the professional solution for all users who value reliable quality, profitable time and cost advantages and reduced energy consumption the most. Miele Professional covers the different requirements posed by the various wash items in small commercial operations with a powerful portfolio of professional dishwashers. Thanks to a spacious wash cabinet, large quantities of dishware can be accommodated as well as bulky containers and baking trays. Short cycle times offer maximum flexibility and are also extremely efficient at the same time.

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