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For the highest demands on the material

Built for the hard everyday work life

Professional solutions for marine applications have been an integral element in the Miele Professional product range for years. In particular in the area of laundry care, our machines have been sailing the seven seas for years. However, many ships also rely on our durable dishwashers too. The machines from Miele Professional have one thing in common. Thanks to their high level of quality and legendary durability they have proved to be reliable service providers on board. The short cycle times in these machines guarantee efficient use and thus save a lot of valuable time and money. The heavy service on oil rigs presents the greatest challenges for materials and people. Reliability, speed and efficiency are essential here.
Thanks to innovative special programs, our washer-extractors can deal with even the most stubborn stains such as oil. Miele Professional laundry technology has been used on many oil rigs for years.

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