New Little Giants – A solid foundation for your success

Handle the load.

The versatile Little Giants

Discover our most innovative and compact laundry solution yet, engineered to commercial-grade standards yet versatile enough for your home. The Little Giants offer superior disinfection and fabric care, enhanced wash and dry cycle efficiency and the most user-friendly technology available.

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Customer benefits


Rely on Little Giants:

Over the past four decades, well over a million Little Giants have been working hard over recent decades in hotels, health care facilities, yachts and a wide range of small businesses. Miele’s next generation Little Giants feature our latest innovations and technology, offering an unmatched combination of cleaning performance, economical operation, user convenience and flexibility. 

Handle the load.

Now more than ever laundry is mission critical. For small businesses, it’s the uniforms that represent the brand, the towels and linens that comfort the customers and the tablecloths and napkins that set the tables. Every day fabrics and textiles need efficient and superior hygienic cleaning – reputations depend on it. The all new Miele Little Giants washers and dryers provide superior disinfection and fabric care in a high-efficiency, compact system.

Increased performance

The new Little Giants features unmatched technology, durability and reduced operating costs, while offering exceptionally gentle care of all fabric types.


Intensive cleaning with reduced water consumption due to gradual changes in speed.

Economical and efficient

Miele Professional commercial laundry machines impress with particularly low consumption values.

Greater convenience and flexibility

This remarkable laundry system sets new standards for efficiency, using a shortened wash and dry cycle time. In combination with precision water and energy use, the new Little Giants provide a sustainable laundry solution that reduces resources and operating costs. 

Simple and intuitive to use

Full-touch color display: the user interface on the new Little Giants is simple and easy to navigate.

User instructions in a variety of languages

Preventing operating errors: all instructions and processes can be displayed in up to 32 languages.

Professional programs

Special high-performance programs make it possible for thorough and hygienic cleaning of even heavily soiled textiles. 

Superb quality

Outstanding Miele quality is evident not only in the durability and low running costs of the Little Giants, but also in the excellent cleaning performance and the very gentle treatment of textiles, which surpass all demands placed on commercial laundry-care systems.

Efficient scoop rib technology

Fast, optimum wetting is achieved with specially designed scoop ribs.

Patented honeycomb drum

The honeycomb pattern on the drum surface protects laundry perfectly during the washing and drying process.

Long service life

Professional technology ensures excellent reliability and durability for the daily work routine.


The right solution for every requirement

No matter which industry you work in, anyone having to rely on a supply of uncompromisingly clean and hygienic laundry requires a powerful systematic approach producing perfect results fast.

Hotels and restaurants

Brilliant white tablecloths, bouncy bath-robes and fluffy towels. The highest quality linens make a strong statement about your brand, while keeping your guests feeling at home and returning for more. The new Little Giants ensure your in-house laundry is quickly ready to use again, with professional washing and drying programs specifically designed for applications in the hotel and catering trades. 

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Care homes

The well being of residents at senior care facilities is critically important. The new Little Giants clean thoroughly and gently, while meeting the highest standards of hygiene. Featuring short cycles and intuitive user interface, they are ideal to support the daily demands of senior care.

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Contract cleaners

Modern contract cleaning places huge demands on quantity output and flexibility when cleaning and disinfecting mops, cloths and other textiles. The correct machine type is essential to ensure competitiveness.

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Small businesses & services

Whether you own a hairdressing salon, café or butcher's shop – your customers demand exceptional service and your undivided attention. So it is good if you, in turn, can rely on a professional solution.

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Housing associations

In laundry rooms used jointly by multiple persons, demands on machines are particularly high. A robust design, product longevity, an uncomplicated user interface and a broad selection of programmes play a key role in meeting these demands.

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Wherever you work, we can help!

Alongside the industries presented here, the new Little Giants are also perfectly suited for use in spas, by rescue services, on yachts and in many other areas. In line with our brand promise “Immer Besser” (“Forever Better”), we will do whatever we can to find the best solution for you!

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The Little Giants

Miele Little Giants

Uncompromising high-end solution for the most discerning.


PWM 908 Washing Machine

  • M Touch Flex user interface (no buttons or dials)
  • 73 l drum size (18 lb. large capacity)
  • 25-minute Express cycle
  • 50+ programs; 5 customizable
  • High spin speed - G Force up to 704 g
  • 96 hour delay start
  • Cap Dosing 
  • High temp. disinfection programs (up to 200 F)
  • Patented Honeycomb Drum
  • Designed for 30,000 operating hours
More information

PDR 908 Tumble Dryer

  • M Touch Flex user interface (no buttons or dials)
  • Heat pump dryer technology available
  • 130 l drum size (18 lb. large capacity)
  • Energy Star® Most Efficient 2020 recognition
  • FragranceDos capable
  • 4D filtration system


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