How is the detergent to be dispensed?

What type of load needs to be washed?

How would you describe the level of soiling of your wash load?

On average, how often do you run your dishwasher each day?

How important is using environmentally friendly products to you?

Suitable for mixed dishware 
Suitable for glasses 
Removal of loads which do not tolerate alkaline conditions 
Suitable for silver 
Level of soiling
Removal of stubborn coffee and tea residues 
Frequency of dishwashing
Up to 10 wash cycles 
More than 10 wash cycles 
Environmental compatibility
EU Eco label certified 
Without EU Eco label 
 Product category
 Aggregate form
 Intensity of soiling
 Frequency of dishwashing
 Container size


The use of tablets is only suitable for program durations of at least 10 minutes.

ProfiLine - dishwashers

The ProfiLine series includes the following dishwasher models:– PG 8130
– PG 8130 U
– PG 8130 i
– PG 8130 U/i
– PG 8131 i
– PG 8132 SCi
– PG 8133 SCVi

Professional fresh water dishwashers

The following Professional dishwasher models are available as a fresh water option:

– PG 8055
– PG 8055 U
– PG 8056
– PG 8056 U
– PG 8057
– PG 8057 U
– PG 8058
– PG 8058 U
– PG 8059
– PG 8059 U
– PG 8060
– PG 8061
– PG 8061 U
– PG 8063
– PG 8091 U
– PG 8096
– PG 8096 U
– PG 8099
– PG 8099 U

Tank front-loading dishwashers

The tank dishwashers include the following models:– PTD 701
– PTD 702
– PTD 703
– PTD 704

Throughfeed tank dishwashers

The throughfeed tank machines include the following dishwasher types:

- PG 8172
By using products with the EU environmental label in accordance with dispensing recommendations, you will be contributing toward reduced water pollution and a reduction in waste.
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ProCare Universal 61Regeneration salt, 3 x 2 kg (13.2 lb total)

for regeneration of the integrated water softener.

        ProCare Shine 40 - 5 lRinse aid, 5 l

        for rinsing dishes, cutlery and glasses.

              ProCare Shine 10 MA - 5 lLiquid detergent, mildly alkaline, 5 l

              for optimum cleaning of dishes, cutlery and glasses.

                    ProCare Shine 40 - 1 lRinse aid, 1 l

                    for rinsing dishes, cutlery and glasses.

                          ProCare Shine 12 GC – 80 Tablets80 detergent tabs

                          for optimum cleaning of dishes, cutlery and glasses.

                                CK/1 DIN51Canister key

                                for easy opening of ProCare 5 l, 10 l, and 20 l canisters.

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                                      **all prices include VAT, plus shipping costs
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