Technology for commercial laundries

Solutions for Technology for commercial laundries

Industrial systems for professional requirements

The highest level of technology

Thanks to innovative and robust industrial systems as well as application-specific care programs for requirements that extend far beyond the household area, professional laundry machines are perfectly geared to commercial use. High quality materials, reinforced shock absorbers and a sturdy drum bearing ensure excellent durability and longevity as well as smooth running. Very short program cycles guarantee fast laundry turnaround. Washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele Professional are therefore the first choice when large loads of laundry have to be washed frequently and perfect results are required even in the case of stubborn stains.

Practice-oriented solutions

The correct choice for all requirements

Different requirements in laundry care require special solutions to always achieve perfect results. Modern user interfaces, individual programs, and innovative machine technology save time and avoid mistakes. Miele Professional offers user-specific solutions for hotels and restaurants, nursing homes and clinics, dry cleaners, Laundromats, residential homes, student housing and facility management, and many other areas. All the washing machines, tumble dryers, and irons can be perfectly coordinated with each other with regard to performance and capacity – for consistently excellent results.

Exclusive to Miele

Designs for perfect results

The highest level of innovation

It is the aim of Miele Professional to make your daily laundry care as simple as possible. For this purpose, we have developed innovative and practice-oriented solutions, such as the patented Miele honeycomb drum or the PerfectDry drying system. Our power of innovation is reflected in our motto, that has stood for the quality promise of the Miele brand for over 120 years: “Immer Besser”.

Exclusive to Miele

Optimum care

The very best in gentle laundry care

Laundry always has a high material, emotional, and representative significance, whether it is primarily functional or made of delicate textiles. For this reason, gentle fabric care is paramount for Miele Professional. Many of our innovations have the aim of keeping your laundry looking like new for as long as possible. The best example of this is the Miele Honeycomb Drum. Thanks to this patented innovation our washing machines and dryers are particularly gentle to your fabric.

Sustainability in perfection

Efficiency and economy

Miele Professional offers you individually tailored system solutions that stand out thanks to their excellent performance and outstanding efficiency: low water and electricity consumption and innovative programs that allow you to save on detergent. Advanced technologies support the high efficiency demands for our products, such as our heat-pump tumble dryers with up to 60% lower energy requirements or the option of connecting our products to the hot water circulation such as