A 850 - Holding frames  For injector module A 620.--Stainless steel
  • For injector module A 620.--Stainless steel

A 850
Holding frames 
For injector module A 620.

  • Arrangement: 2 x 5 fields
  • For use on A 850 injector module
  • For the optimum positioning of laboratory glassware


    The frame enables laboratory glassware to be positioned ideally for the best possible cleaning results. The glassware is also protected against damage.
  • Part of the SimpleLoad system


    The SimpleLoad system makes reprocessing laboratory glassware considerably faster, simpler, and more efficient. The biggest advantage of the new system is that wash items can be positioned over nozzles both more simply and faster as it is no longer necessary to adjust the height of the holders thanks to the smart combination of nozzles and holding frames. This makes it easy to position items correctly.

Product details - A 850

EAN: 4002516200703 / Article no. 69685000D / Mat. no. 11236630
Product category 
Large-capacity washer-disinfectors, laboratory
Machine/accessory categorisation 
PLW 8616
PLW 8615
PLW 8617
Product category 
Other inserts/other modules
Product properties 
Stainless steel
Stainless Steel
Number of compartments
Section width in inches
4 1/2 (114)
Section length in inches
4 3/8 (110)
Area of application 
Reprocessing laboratory glassware
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, net height in inches
0 (0)
External dimensions, net width in inches
0 (0)
External dimensions, net depth in inches
0 (0)
External dimensions, gross height in inches
5 3/8 (135)
External dimensions, gross width in inches
11 1/4 (285)
External dimensions, gross depth in inches
23 1/8 (585)
Net weight in lb (kg)
2 (0.55)
Gross weight in lbs.
3 (0.948)
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