ProCare Shine cleaning chemicals – hygienic and sparkling clean

The products are also extremely gentle on dishes and the machine.

Key benefits at a glance

Hard on soil; gentle on materials

Dishwasher detergents that are a perfect match for your dishwasher

Perfect dispensing and easy to use

Flawless results with all types of load items

Product overview

Powder cleaning agents and tablets

Powder cleaning agent for use on stubborn soiling, in particular coffee and tea stains. Manual dispensing is also possible for each wash cycle to adjust to the degree of soiling.

Thanks to the water-soluble wrapping, these tablets are simple to use. Simply add one tab per wash cycle. The tablet dissolves in a very short time and achieves excellent cleaning performance even in short programs.


Liquid detergent

Two different liquid detergents in choice of 2 container sizes. The mildly alkaline liquid detergent can be used for all types of loads and is ideal for light to medium soiling.
The alkaline liquid detergent with active chlorine can be used to remove stubborn stains such as protein, starch, tea and coffee.

Rinsing agent and dishwasher salt

Rinsing agents in 3 different container sizes. These products can be used in combination with all cleaning agents.
Dishwasher salt is used for the reactivation of the integrated water softener.

Suitable accessories

DTD 2 drip tray

The drip tray has space for 2 media canisters to provide them with a stable base. This is suitable for canister sizes of 5 and 10 litres. The angle ensures optimum residual emptying of the media canisters.

CK/1 DIN51 canister key

The screw-on caps on canisters are fitted by machine. This makes them almost impossible to open by hand, which is why Miele supplies a canister key as an accessory. The canister key can be used to open 5 and 10 litre canisters as well as 12 kg containers.