PFD 104 SCVi XXL [120V] - Basket design

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Height-adjustable upper basket


The height of the upper basket in all Miele dishwashers can be adjusted to suit the items to be cleaned and can even be set at an angle. In this way, optimum use can always be made of the wash cabinet.
Exclusive to Miele
FlexLine Baskets 

Intelligent basket design for all types of dishware

Thanks to the incredible range of options, it is always possible accommodate a wide array of dishware and utensils. The baskets can be pulled out safely from any angle thanks to the striking, elegant handle. Cups sit securely on the dimpled surface of the FlexCare Cup Rack. Bowls fit perfectly into the split hinged row of spikes. And your precious wine glasses? The silicone buffers in the FlexCare Glass Holder take good care of them. 
3D MultiFlex Tray*German patent: DE102008062761B3, European patent: EP2201887B1

Maximum flexibility 

We have improved the utensil tray, so it can now also accommodate small dishes, such as espresso cups. The 3D MultiFlex Tray has a sunken central section and two side sections. The left-hand section can be pushed to the right to create space for tall wine glasses in the upper basket. The depth of the right-hand section can be adjusted to easily accommodate large utensils and small cups, bowls, or plates.