PWM 908 [EL DP] - User convenience

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Delay start up to 96 hours

Laundry care according to schedule

With delay start, you can determine up to 96 hours in advance when the selected program should start. This is of particular advantage, for instance if the program cycle is supposed to end at the beginning of a new work week.
Language can be selected easily at any time

Easy to understand

Using the flag symbol, you can select from 29 or 31 languages (depending on the model) with ease at any stage of operation. All the information is then displayed in the selected language. This enables operating errors to be prevented, and different users who speak different languages will quickly be able to use the machine.
Washer-dryer stack

Washing & drying on less than 5.38 sq.feet

Where space is limited, side-by-side installation of a washer-extractor and a tumble dryer may present problems. This is where Miele steps in with its washer-dryer stacks: 2 high-performance machines on a footprint measuring less than 0.5 square meters (an optional connection set is required to connect 2 appliances).
M Touch Flex controls

The benchmark for modern user convenience

The full-touch controls with touch color display sets a new benchmark for quick, intuitive machine operation. They also offer a multitude of configuration options. You can select the required washing program from your favorites or from all available programs easily with a tap or a swipe. All information is displayed in the local language, with 31 languages to select from. 
Exclusive to Miele
Patented CapDosing*European patent: EP 2 365 120 

Quick and reliable dosing, even in special cases

CapDosing is the perfect addition to automatic or manual dispensing. Special detergents, fabric softeners, or additives are at hand in practical capsules – so there is no need to waste time measuring by hand. The appliance dispenses the contents automatically at the perfect point in time during the washing process.
Programmable washing machine controls

Greater flexibility

A particular advantage of programmable controls is the extensive range of options for specific needs. Users can compile and save their own individual programs. The wash parameters of existing programs can also be adapted to suit. This enables specific laundry care requirements to be catered for perfectly.