PLW 8615 [EL] - Highlights

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Exclusive to Miele
Smart 2-pump technology

The heart of perfect results

2-pump technology is at the heart of Miele’s PLW 86 model series. The variable-speed pump is particularly flexible regarding the basket docking system. Using this pump, the wash pressure and water demand are adjusted in line with the relevant requirements – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, while low pressure guarantees complete soaking. This ensures minimal use of resources with maximum cleaning performance.
Spray arm monitoring

Safety through controls

For optimum reprocessing results, the rotation speed of the spray arms must always be within a prescribed interval. Through the contact-free monitoring of all machine and basket spray arms, problems such as the build-up of foam or an obstructing wash item can be detected early on. As a result, spray arm monitoring contributes to the reliable reproduction of the validated reprocessing quality.
Conductivity monitoring

Safety through controls

Residues from chemical agents during the final rinse phase can compromise the reprocessing result. Conductivity monitoring of the wash water facilitates the detection of such residues and their reduction to a defined level through further rinsing. This means that the reprocessing is more reliable, more resource-friendly and also reproducible.
Programmable controls

Greater flexibility

A particular advantage of programmable controls is the extensive range of options for specific needs. Users can compile and save their own individual programs. This ensures that the specific reprocessing requirements are perfectly met.
Modular load carriers

Flexible use of load carriers

The flexible load carriers from Miele Professional offer an extremely wide range of loading options. With a low number of load carriers combined with additional modules and inserts, the load carriers can be flexibly adapted to the wash items in just a few steps, optimizing both costs and the amount of space required.
Exclusive to Miele
SimpleLoad system** German patent DE 102 017 129 786 A1 and DE 102 017 129 799 A1 

Simple loading with SimpleLoad

The SimpleLoad system makes reprocessing laboratory glassware considerably faster, simpler, and more efficient. The biggest advantage of the new system is that wash items can be positioned over nozzles both more simply and faster as it is no longer necessary to adjust the height of the holders thanks to the smart combination of nozzles and holding frames. This makes it easy to position items correctly.