PLW 8615 [EL] - User convenience

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Programmable controls

Greater flexibility

A particular advantage of programmable controls is the extensive range of options for specific needs. Users can compile and save their own individual programs. This ensures that the specific reprocessing requirements are perfectly met.
Modular load carriers

Flexible use of load carriers

The flexible load carriers from Miele Professional offer an extremely wide range of loading options. With a low number of load carriers combined with additional modules and inserts, the load carriers can be flexibly adapted to the wash items in just a few steps, optimizing both costs and the amount of space required.
Central dispensing

Ready to connect

The labwashers are already prepared for connection to a central dispensing system at the factory. Therefore, they are eminently suitable for use in any applications with a particularly high throughput.
Maximum user convenience

7" touch color display with intuitive operation

The 7" color display is integrated flush into the front of the machine, ensuring optimum care of the surface. Any settings can be made simply and safely thanks to the intuitive touch control. The user receives all the information they need about the machine quickly and clearly on the display.
Setting options for detergent canisters

Perfectly stored

The storage unit for liquid media facilitates a high level of control, cleanliness, and ergonomics. Depending on the machine type, it is already integrated in the washer-disinfectors as standard, or it is available as an optional accessory. As a result, the number and size of canisters can be adjusted according to the requirements.
Exclusive to Miele
SimpleLoad system** German patent DE 102 017 129 786 A1 and DE 102 017 129 799 A1 

Simple loading with SimpleLoad

The SimpleLoad system makes reprocessing laboratory glassware considerably faster, simpler, and more efficient. The biggest advantage of the new system is that wash items can be positioned over nozzles both more simply and faster as it is no longer necessary to adjust the height of the holders thanks to the smart combination of nozzles and holding frames. This makes it easy to position items correctly.