PLW 8615 [EL] - Safety

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Pure air

Even in the case of instruments with a complex design, laboratory glassware, or breathing apparatus, every surface is quickly and thoroughly dried with hot air. The ambient air drawn in for this process must first pass through a highly effective HEPA filter. Thus the influx of undesirable suspended solids into the wash cabinet is prevented and the wash items are protected against recontamination.
Spray arm monitoring

Safety through controls

For optimum reprocessing results, the rotation speed of the spray arms must always be within a prescribed interval. Through the contact-free monitoring of all machine and basket spray arms, problems such as the build-up of foam or an obstructing wash item can be detected early on. As a result, spray arm monitoring contributes to the reliable reproduction of the validated reprocessing quality.
Process documentation

End-to-end documentation

The complete minuting and documentation of all the reprocessing processes ensures the highest level of safety for patients and users. Miele Professional offers numerous documentation solutions for every need. In addition, the analysis of the recorded process data facilitates the effective optimisation of the entire reprocessing operation.
Conductivity monitoring

Safety through controls

Residues from chemical agents during the final rinse phase can compromise the reprocessing result. Conductivity monitoring of the wash water facilitates the detection of such residues and their reduction to a defined level through further rinsing. This means that the reprocessing is more reliable, more resource-friendly and also reproducible.