PWT 6089 Vario [EL LP] - User convenience

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Delay start up to 24 hours

Laundry care according to schedule

With delay start, you can determine up to 24 hours in advance when the selected program should start. This is of particular advantage, for instance if the program cycle is supposed to start at the beginning of a new work day.
Customized user guidance


With its versatile operating system, Profitronic L Vario controls enable individual customer needs for professional laundry care to be met perfectly – when washing or drying.
Ergonomic operation

Everything at a glance

For convenient operation of the washer-dryer stack, it has a central control panel located between the two appliances. This guarantees the optimum accessibility of all the controls and the best possible view of all the display information.
Exclusive to Miele
Patented liquid dispensing adapter*European patent: EP 1 835 063 B1

Optimum dosage

Up to six dispensing pumps can be used for convenient and economical dispensing of liquid agents. A message in the washing machine display will indicate promptly if one of the containers is empty. The agent is directed into the dispenser drawer via a patented dispenser module. This means that different agents can be delivered via separate dispensing channels.
Programmable dryer controls

Greater flexibility

The extensive range of options for specific needs are a particular advantage of programmable controls. This ensures that specific laundry care requirements can be perfectly met. Existing programs can be adapted as required.
User instructions in a variety of languages

Simple and easy to understand

To avoid misunderstandings to begin with, operators can select their preferred language from a variety of country-specific languages. All display notifications appear in this language, so that the highest level of operating safety is ensured.